Recently, Instagram launched a campaign against like boosting, mass following and post scheduling services. This lead to a mass panic among the users, who use of Instagram as a promotional platform. There are thousands of people who use Instagram for both personal and commercial purposes. In order to promote their business or accounts on Instagram, people do make use of all the mentioned services to reach the maximum number of audience. After all, this is the most efficient and cheap method of attracting audience and gaining new followers. But with the recent Instagram campaign, alot came to a halt.

The reason behind the act

Many of the Instagram bot services such as Instagress were shut down by Instagram. Instagress was one of the most popular automation services, it was used by thousands of people worldwide until it shut down by Instagram a while back. It’s not the only one, many other services including post scheduling was also shut down. Now the question is why did Instagram take such a decision all of a sudden? Well, to answer that honestly Instagram did this to push forward its own inbuilt advertising tools. The main problem with this service is that it is very costly and on top of that it cannot deliver instant results unless you really know what you are doing, unlike the automated services or the Instagram bot services which is very easy to use and doesn’t cost much. This Instagram advertising tool is more suitable for big companies, not for small businesses that rely on social media like Instagram.

Impact of Instagram shutting down its bot

The sudden shut down of these Instagram bots have harmed many of the small-scale businesses that were operating through social media to market their products. That’s because small sized business do not have the capital to use the advertising platform provided by Instagram. Personal businesses that used to promote on Instagram as well have received a major blow. In spite of this, Instagram has not changed its decision regarding bots since it has to push forward it’s advertising platform.

What do we do now?

As some bots shutdown, new ones come out, you can always find an active bot service and use it white it’s still online. Stay away from services that infringe copyrights openly such as using the trademarked terms “Insta” & “gram” in their brand like Instagress did.