Who Viewed My Instagram Story More Than Once

If you are wondering; who viewed my Instagram story more than once? As of December 2018, there’s no way of seeing how many times someone views or replays a story. However, I can assure you that a lot of users are replaying stories of others again and again. A vast number of users might be interested to know who are repeating their stories again and again, but, they can’t. And this may give birth to frustration in certain scenarios such as women/men relying on how many times someone viewed their story to assume they likes them or not. There are even tools that lets you watch Instagram stories anonymously


Would Instagram let you see how many times?



If a user is watching a video 10 to 15 times or more, you can easily assume that he literally loves the video. If Instagram let you click back to watch the part of the story, the amount of ‘replays’ could be massive.


Are you also one of those who want Instagram to let you see the number of times someone has viewed your story? Or, do you think that would give birth to more drama?


You see, Stories themselves last just for a 24h period, with the brief nature helping to guarding from feeling like they are sharing too much of their personal information with the followers. They are basically a distinct environment for sillierm more relaxed content – just the type of thing a crush would be likely to scope out, right?


And if you’re the other side of the coin —  worried about being caught watching a Story for the millionth time and you are wondering: ‘Could someone know how many times you’ve watched their stories?’ – you aren’t the only ones.


After all, whether you use the app to spy on your crushes or want to see if someone is into you, knowing if this info is available would be super useful. Lots of IG users have questioned around about this, though no effective outcome.


With all that out of the way…


Can Someone Actually See How Many Times You View Their Instagram Story?


The simple answer: No.


Instagram doesn’t allow their users to see how many times someone has seen an Insta story as of now. It is the same as dropping likes one somebody’s posts – you can do it once only. If you similarly keep viewing it, it still counts as one view only.


I know many of you would be sorry to hear that. Or am I wrong? Perhaps, some of you would be at relief knowing that no one would know you just viewed a slideshow of a random IG user’s dog 5 times continuously.


On the contrary, you can also go hog wild and replay and keep making a remix before the 24h goes by. You’re safe to view any Instagram story as many times you want without ever getting caught.


What can an Instagram user see?


  1. That you watched their story,
  2. The other users who have watched their story, AND
  3. The total count of users who have watched it


instagram bot


And if your account happens to be a business account, and you care about your Instagram engagement to gain more followers, you can see the number of impressions you got and the number of link clicks you’ve received on your link on the story you’ve added. Just to clear things off again, each user’s view will be registered only as one view in the Story adder’s total count of views.


This may come as very disappointing as of now, but, we will see if the feature gets added in the near future. If you ask me personally, then I think that there SHOULD definitely be an Insta feature that lets the poster see poster to know how many times each person has watched their post. They could simply add a number beside the name in the watcher’s list.


Just to keep things clear, every story view would count as only one view toward the whole number of viewers on a story. In other words, you could see someone’s IG story a thousand times and it won’t go beyond that 1 view park.


What is more, even though Instagram protects every video viewer’s privacy, it also protects the one who post it. Only the person who posted the story has access to the analytics. Therefore, you don’t need to be worried that others can know how popular your content has become, or bashful in terms of checking out your story stats.

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