Top 5 – Best Instagram Growth Service Review – UPDATED 2019

Instagram has grown on to become one of the biggest and most popular social media platforms in the world with millions of users, thus managing it is not an easy task. You are left with the enormous task of replying to messages and comments, searching for new followers, coming up with new content and whatnot, and this tends to take up a lot of your time. So is there an easy alternative for all this tedious work? Yes, there is, and it comes in the form of automation.


What is automation or Instagram automation? Automation is a process in which software known as bots is used to automatically carry out some of the simpler tasks such as likes, follow and unfollow, posting comments, posting images and stories, deleting posts and direct messages, etc. Automation will thus save a lot of your time while at the same time make your Instagram account more popular.


For an Instagram account to be popular, it requires followers and an easy way to gain followers is to use an Instagram follower bot. What an Instagram followers bot does is that it automatically likes, follows and comments on other Instagram users account to get them to follow them back. Thus, through an Instagram followers bot, users can gain more followers, and this is considered as a marketing tactic. Instagram automation bots thus come with various filters which can be placed to target a niche based on their hashtags, the account size, the location, the gender, etc.


Thus an Instagram followers bot will help your Instagram account to grow larger without much hassle. However, there are lots of Instagram follower bots and as such finding a good one can become quite challenging and confusing as well. Therefore, we have picked three of the best Instagram followers app and will make a comparison and then help you to choose the best one. They are, and Let us now take a closer look at these three Instagram followers bots.


Gramista Review is an Instagram marketing website which claims to use the latest technology to provide you with the best Instagram automation services. Gramista as such claims to bring simple, effective automation services to all of its customers. The features of Gramista include unlimited usage of likes, follow and unfollow, multiple targeting features which include username, gender, location, hashtags, etc, unlimited support and no monthly charges. Coming to its pricing, it comes with five plans with the duration beginning from 1 day to 90 days, and the price starts from $1.79 and goes to $89.99. The pros of Gramista are: a secure website, transparent price, and packages, Help page, a blog for tips and verified payment gateways. The cons are pricing is per day, which can be quite expensive for long periods.


Instazood Review

instazood review is a web-based Instagram automation bot which comes with powerful tools and features allowing its users to get the maximum number of likes and followers on their Instagram account. Instazood functions by automatically analyzing hashtags based on a users’ input and then allowing them to reach your target demographic. The features of Gramista are automatic liking, following, commenting, direct messaging, setting up of targets, scheduling of posts, etc. and besides these, it also comes with a powerful dashboard which allows you to monitor all your activities on a single platform. When we talk about the plans and pricing, Instazood comes with four different monthly plans and three out of four of these plans are priced at $9.99 with the other one being priced at $14.99. The pros of are a three free day trial, mobile-friendly optimization, powerful dashboard, and multiple language support. Some of its cons are the expensive service.


Hashtagpirate Review is an Instagram automation tool which allows automatic posting, commenting, liking, direct messaging, follow and unfollow on your Instagram account by scheduling it from your PC. The features of hashtagpirate include an auto-post feature which allows you to post both photos and videos on your Instagram account from your PC or Google drive in an instant or schedule it ahead. Auto follow automatically follows users based on their hashtags, locations based on your inputs, and the targets and filters a user sets. The auto comment also works similarly and thus comments on posts based on the hashtags, location, gender, etc. Hashtagpirate also comes with a media downloader which allows users to directly download both images and videos from the dashboard by copy-pasting the URL. Besides hashtagpirate, also comes included with a Profile editor which allows users to edit their profile bio, URL and other additional details directly from the website itself. One can also quickly delete posts from the website, without the need of logging into Instagram. Hashtagpirate comes with many plans up to 100 accounts, and they are priced at $3 – $4 per account per month. The pros of Hashtagpirate are its multitude of powerful features, its overall ease of use, stable performance and its cheap pricing. The cons of Hashtagpirate include the absence of any trials and the presence of only a single account in the first plan.


Also i would like to mention that they just launched their app on android play store if you would like to use it on mobile, you can download the app here


Idigic Review

idigic review is something a bit different, its not an automation app, its a website to buy Instagram likes, fake followers and other similar services. If you want a quick jump in likes and followers then its the best option to use. We have to warn you though about the recent Instagram announcement about tracking down fake likes. You can buy likes and followers from $2 up to $200+ , $2.95 will get you 100 likes/followers/views. If you compare this to one of the automation services above we think you get a better value with automation. The followers you get from this service are medium quality, which means you can tell they are fake, with automation services you get real users following you. One benefit of buying fake followers is to make your account look more appealing to follow, people usually tend to follow big accounts and stay away from startups.


The winner


The above mentioned, are three of the best Instagram followers bot that is available on the market today. And as such, each of them is equally powerful and capable in their own right. However, since this is a comparison if we take a look at the features, pricing, pros, cons and some of the other factors, we get to see that not all of them offer the same experience or the same quality of service. Among the three Instagram followers bots that we have reviewed and compared it is quite clear that only one stands out and it is Upon comparing the three Instagram followers bot, hashtagpirate offers more features, is friendly towards less advanced users and the pricing that it comes with is much more affordable than the other two. Hence, if we were to choose a winner, it goes to


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