What Is an Instagram Like Bot?

Building a strong online presence is now considered a necessity for any business. There was a time when you could get away with marketing your product or service using the traditional forms of media. However, with the recent popularity of social media, marketers have found a way to access millions of customers, which was previously impossible. It would be a foolish move to not benefit from such a platform.

One of the most popular and heavily used social media platforms is Instagram. Establishing a presence on Instagram is about more than just merely creating a profile. Even publishing quality content may not be enough at times. Getting enough followers and likes is what matters first.

Why Do Instagram Likes Matter?

Think of it this way. You have an excellent idea but don’t have anyone to present it to. A few people hear you and like what you have to say. Seeing that people like you, others also decide to lend you an ear. This is exactly why likes are key to building a presence on Instagram.

They provide your profile with the credibility it needs to attract more followers. Also, every time someone likes it, the followers of the said person are also exposed to your content, thereby increasing your reach.

Now, either you can choose to let fate and followers decide how many likes you have on your posts, or you can take the matter in your own hand. You can do the latter by investing in an Instagram like bot.

What Is an Instagram Like Bot and How Does It Work?

An Instagram like bot can be seen as a cheat code. Rather than going through the slow and frustrating process of building your online presence manually, you can get an Instagram bot to do it for you. There is a whole psychology behind why people tap on that heart symbol.

People like being followed and liked. Those who shower them with both these things are likely to get users to return the favor. This is what an Instagram like bot does. It is a robot that gets you likes and followers by following other users and liking their recent and popular pictures.

By making use of software and data analytics, an Instagram like bot is able to find profiles that are best aligned with your business’s profile or needs. To arrive at such profiles, the bot may search for pictures that use the same or similar hashtags as you do.

After finding the right people and the right picture, the Instagram bot does what you would do if you had all the time in the world – follow people and like their pictures. When you do so, you come in their radar for all the right reasons. If these users start following you as well and liking your pictures, not only will you get their like, but a ripple effect will also be created and you will get access to their followers as well.


The Pros

There are two main benefits of using Instagram like bots.

They Save You a Lot of Time and Hassle

This is true with all types of automation, but when it comes to Instagram like bots, you are bound to appreciate the efficiency even more. Why is this so? Well, while it might not be considered impractical to invest time in liking and following Instagram posts and followers, people will think you are wasting time. This is because there is so much more to social media management and merely focusing on one aspect is an act of foolishness.

An Instagram like bot does this task for you and leaves you with enough time and energy to do what matters. Also, these bots work 24/7. This is a kind of efficiency that cannot be achieved manually.


They Increase Your Follower Base

As mentioned before, an Instagram like bot plays the human psyche to your benefit. It knows exactly who to follow and like. This might be something that you wouldn’t be able to decide as expertly on your own. Even if you do, it will require a lot of manual research. By automating the process, the Instagram bot does it all for you and increases your followers as well.

With a better following and likes that come with it, you are at a much better position to engage potential customers.


The Cons

The two major problem of Instagram like bots are as follows:

Awkward Feed

At the end of the day, an Instagram like bot is a machine. It can malfunction. Also, it operates using algorithms and might not understand the context of things. This might lead to you following accounts and like things that are not of use to you.

For instance, there are a lot of people who add all the popular hashtags in their posts, regardless of whether they are related to the post or not. To an Instagram bot, the user will be an ideal person to follow and like, but to you, they won’t be of much use.

It Can Lead to Instagram Shadow Banning

Instagram monitors activities on the platform. While it may not ban you completely, all unnatural activities are detected by the social media site. Liking hundreds of pictures and following countless accounts at the same time is considered unnatural, especially if the rate of doing so is humanly impossible.

If such instances are detected, Instagram may shadow ban you. This means your posts won’t be visible if people search for the hashtag you use. This beats the purpose of using bots to build an online presence. Be safe and stick to daily limits to avoid being shadowbanned.



If you invest in a quality Instagram like bot, the flaws can be avoided, while the benefits will still be realized. It is up to you to decide if you want to build your follower base naturally or wish for a helping hand.


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