Instagram has soared as the most used app in the present era of selfies, photo-sharing, editing and reposting. For those of you who are not well-versed on what Instagram is about and all that it entails, this introduction will cover the major facts about Instagram or IG, as you may call it.

Instagram is an online social networking company that was founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in October 2010. The company has its headquarters in San Francisco, California. Instagram is now owned by the social media giant Facebook. Instagram is a social media application that allows one to share photos and videos with their followers. These followers are friends, family members and even popular names in the fashion or art industry, celebrities in general.

Instagram has over 500 million daily active users. 80 percent of the Instagram users and profiles are from outside the USA. Its users like more than 4.2 billion posts in a day on average. Over 60 percent of these users use the app daily, which makes it the second most frequently used app after Facebook, based on daily statistics.

IG is a simple app that is easy and fun to use with a user-friendly interface that people of all age groups can maneuver easily. It can be downloaded for free on most mobile platforms including Android and iOS. All you need to do is create an account and start posting your selfies using a range of filters and frames. Instagram photos can now be shared across other linked accounts as well such as Facebook and Snapchat.

Do you love using social media platforms that connect you with interesting people around the world? Are you here to know what does IG mean on Instagram? What is IG short for? If yes, then continue reading this article because we will tell everything about IG.


What IG mean on Instagram?

what does instagram mean

Well, for your information IG is not a word nor has own existence, but it is an acronym for Instagram or a social media network which focuses on pictures only. IG or Instagram also colloquially known as Insta. However, if you have never used this social media platform, then you can sign up for a free personal or business account; follow celebrities, brands, friends, and start sharing your memories with everyone you like to get likes and comments. So in simple words, IG meaning Instagram!

Instagram is one of the best and most used applications in the present ear of photo-sharing, selfies, editing, and reposting to celebrate happy moments with others. However, there will be many those people who are well-versed on what is the meaning of Instagram, and it entails, then continues reading this article. We will share major facts about IG or Instagram whatever you like to like it.


What Does IG Mean In Social Media?

IG is an online social networking company that has been founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in October 2010. The company’s headquarters are in San Francisco, California. This platform is not like Facebook, but it is a social media application which allows users to share pictures and videos with their followers. These followers could be your friends, family members, and even celebrities and brands.

Did You Know?

Instagram has over 500 million daily active users, a massive ratio, while 80% of profiles on IG are from outside of the USA. The users on Instagram like more than 4.2 billion posts in a day on average. Over 60% of these users use IG daily, and which makes Instagram is the second most frequently used application after Facebook, based on facts and daily stats.

Instagram is the most used and simple application, which is fun to run and comes with a user-friendly interface. Every age of people can use this app easily. All you need is download it for free on mobile platforms like Android and iOS. Just after creating a free account, you can start posting selfies with a range of filters and frames. The best thing is now you can connect IG with other social media platforms like Facebook and Snapchat.

So now you know what is IG short for and what is IG mean on Instagram. IG is an abbreviation that generation Z use to refer to Instagram. So now you have some idea about IG, now we will discuss the reason for calling Instagram IG.


Brief History Of Instagram

hat does ig mean on instagram

Do you want to know why Instagram calls Instagram? If yes, then here is the reason.

This popular internet term—Instagram got its name from the perfect combination of two words which describe the functioning of this popular social media platform.

The two words, instant camera, and telegram= Instagram.

So yes, IG is the short abbreviation of these two words which are super-easy to pronounce. But this is not the original name given to this app. Systrom suggested its name Burbn for his inclination toward bourbons, and whiskeys. But with the simplification to features like photos, comments, and likes, the founders then decides to toss a coin for more easy and self-explanatory word, resulting in Insta + Gram.

Systrom’s passion for art and photography to capture moments in the camera lead to the original Instagram logo design, and so the name was chosen to represent this social networking application. This app comes with various stylistic filters, effects to make a dull photo— an attractive one. So that is we what is the meaning of Instagram.

It is also said that, two founders decided to simplify the complicated app name Burbn by scraping off certain features, and so another prototype was created under name Scotch.

With further simplifications, IG came into existence which is known as Instagram.

So now maybe you know what does IG mean on Instagram, Yeah?


Instagram or IG?

No doubt, our young generation relies heavily on internet slangs. Every application that has been created as an abbreviation. In the modern era, anything can be a new trend. Just put it on social media, and see how it pick up the pace on the global level in a matter of a few minutes. So for the next time, if you listen to word IG, then it refers to Instagram, just like FB for Facebook. IG meaning Instagram for all those who didn’t know about it.

Another great reason why IG has picked up that much pace as an alternative for the term Instagram is the increasing trend of relying on short messages for creating hashtags. Hashtags are another trend that has been embraced by all social media buffs.


What Are Hashtags?

what does hashtag ootd mean

A hashtag is a metadata tag which is used by almost every social media platform including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. It enables users to apply dynamic, and user-generated tagging that results in more visitors to a particular post or an image. Yes, a user can find a lot of videos, images, and posts related to a specific hashtag at once. Right now, a popular hashtag on IG is #OOTD. But what does OOTD mean on Instagram? Or what does hashtag OOTD mean? Well, it is a short abbreviation of ‘Outfit of the Day.’ Usually fashionistas use this hashtag to show what they are wearing for the day.

IG or Instagram – A Popular Choice of Most Celebrities

No doubt, IG is one of the best and popular applications among celebrities all over the world. Kylie Jenner is one of the celebrities with 100 million followers on Instagram. There are many other famous celebrities with a huge fan following including Selena Gomez (133 million), Ariana Grande (117 million), Kim Kardashian (108 million), Beyoncé(111 million, and the list goes on.

So for the next time if you hear someone say or write IG, then don’t ask, “What does IG mean on Instagram or what is the meaning of Instagram? We have discussed everything in our article from IG means to Instagram history. Let us know if you have something interesting to share with us.