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Conseguir Seguidores En Instagram

You don’t need to be famous to make money on Instagram, You just need the right followers. A genuine follower that is interested in your content is much more likely to buy products or engage with your content than thousands of generic followers. In this guide we will show you how to find these genuine followers and draw them to your account. We will show you how to use the right hashtags to reach the explore tab of Instagram. What tools might help you, what tools might damage you, and anything in between.

Targeting Followers


This is one of the most important steps in growing your account, and will need a bit of work. Basically, we will show you how to find the best accounts that are most likely to follow you back and are interested in your content. Here is what you need to do:


1- Make sure your niche is clear, and all your content revolves around a certain topic. Are you a make up artist? are you a marketer ? are you a fitness coach?


2- Find big accounts using Instagram search or even google that are related to your niche, but be careful, its not as easy as it looks. These accounts should have 20,000 to 200,000 followers, and their engagement rate should be as close as it can get to 10%, this means if an account has 50,000 followers it should have an average of 3000-6000 likes on each picture, or around 5000 video views. You need active followers, targeting accounts with little engagement won’t do you any good (more on this later). Create a list and write these accounts in. You are going to target the followers of these accounts.


3- Now head over to one of these accounts, scroll through their followers, you need to find people as close to 1:1 follow ratio, this means you need to find accounts that,for example, have 500 followers , and following 500 as well, why you ask? We want to follow people who are more likely to follow back. Make sure these accounts look genuine, there a lot of fake profiles on Instagram. Fake accounts usually have revealing or exceptionally attractive profile picture, with generic first and second name as the account handle for example @RichardLorenzo12 or @Allison_Henry. Do not follow private accounts, skip profiles that have no pictures posted.


4- Once you find a good target, here is what you have to do: Follow them , Like their latest picture, and like 1 or 2 old pictures.  Make sure the old pictures you like are good memories, do not go liking a picture of them complaining about something or having a bad experience, also if these pictures are related to your niche, lets say fitness, its better to like a picture of them in GYM or doing protein shakes. Never like more than 500 – 1000 times a day, the more followers you have the more likes you can do. Do not follow more than 1000 accounts a day. and make sure to distribute these actions through the day. Do not sit one hour, do all this at once, and call it a day, this will trigger spam detection and will restrict your account. Make sure you leave few hours between every session, and do 3-5 sessions a day.


5- Never comment on posts with spam. never ask people to follow you in the comments, if you are very interested in this account and want them to follow you, then you can leave a nice comment on one of their pictures, maybe give them a piece of information about fitness for example, comment no more than 3-5 comments an hour, and make sure your comments are different to not be blocked, Instagram doesn’t like similar comments and consider it as spam.




Every 2000 accounts you followed, you will have around 1000 followers if done correctly. Instagram has a follow limit of 7500, and as a business account, it wont look professional to leave those numbers so high. Start unfollowing 300 accounts per day once you hit 2000 followers.


Targeting Instagram Hashtags – The Ultimate Guide


For your account, there are several difficulty levels for hashtags.


Hashtag difficulty is based on the number of likes a post gets in an average, for example if your account gets 10 likes, then hashtags with pictures that receive similar number of likes is medium difficulty. Lets say you posted a picture of your workout with a bench press, you would tag the picture #benchpress, now lets go to the search and check this hashtag, if you see the top posts under this hashtag all receive 1000 likes while yours only 10, then there is no way your picture will be shown under that hashtag. #benchpress in this situation is called highly difficult. The ultimate guide for Instagram hashtags is abusing the difficulty.


You need to research hashtags with posts that receive same number of likes as you do, in order for your pictures to be shown first to anyone who is searching for them. The bigger your account grow the more popular hashtags you can use.


Here is how to do it:


1- visit:


2-Type a general keyword related to your niche.


3-Click “copy mode”


4-Click “five dots” to remove the dots.


5-Add the hashtags into a notepad and remove any that aren’t niche specific enough. Sometimes hashtags will be used for two completely different niches. Remove these.


6-Copy the hashtags, click the back arrow in your browser and paste them into the search bar.


7-Click “Auto” and move the slide from 30 to infinity.


8-Repeat until you have a lot of hashtags.


9-Click copy mode and copy all of the hashtags.


10-Special paste values only the hashtags into the “A” column of Google docs named hashtags.


11-Make a column B named “post count”, then column C named “popularity/Likes”.


12-Research several hashtags with different popularity levels. Go to Instagram and put them into the search bar. Take a look at the top 6 photos for every hash tag. How many likes/engagements do you need in order to rank for that hashtag?


13-Only use hashtags that give you a chance of reaching top 6 posts.


Don’t spam 30 hashtags on each post, be moderate and only use hashtags that are useful to you, that would give you a chance to reach top posts, hashtaging your post with #love wont do you any good even though its popular. There are millions of accounts bigger than you that are using this hashtag, so why should your post show in the search or explore then?



What to post on Instagram?


This wouldn’t be the the ultimate guide for Instagram without tips about content. Recently, carousal posts are doing better than videos, so we suggest you use carousal instead of regular photos, and when you are not using them then videos are your second best option.


Make sure your content is original and high quality, posting a picture of you doing a workout is original, but is it quality? Always post media that are worthy of being an advertisement, because essentially you are growing your Instagram to advertise for a product or a persona, so get used to posting high quality original content.


Also its good to know the popular posting times in your area, when do people have breaks? when do people get off work? You need to have an idea about the best time to post on Instagram for your niche.


Engagement as fast as possible


One of the most important factors to grow your account organically is engagement rate, and most important is how fast you get it. Why do big accounts keep getting bigger? Engagement! These big accounts have a lot of followers, and once they post a picture, they are going to receive a ton of likes, comments, shares, and bookmarks which will push this post to Instagram explore tab and gain them even more followers. Posts that gets alot of engagement during the few minutes they are posted are called viral posts. This is why the next section is about engagement groups, as it helps to get this fast engagement you are looking for. Another way to get engagement fast is by asking your followers through story or through Instagram live to like/comment on your latest posts, you can offer them something in return, for example pick one of these commenters and shout them out or send them something nice in DM. If you want to spend some money to get this engagement, there is another section below that discusses PowerLikes, and how you can use them to grow your account really fast.


Also one way to get engagement is by asking people in caption to tag their friends, share or like.


Instagram Engagement Groups


What is an Instagram engagement group? does it still work in 2019? Its a group of Instagram users who are trying to grow their accounts. Several users group up ( usually on telegram or Instagram DMs), agree on a certain time to post, and once that time is due, they all visit each others profiles, like and comment on the latest post. Make sure the accounts you are doing a group with are healthy, and have same or more number of followers. Below are tips for engagement groups:


1- All accounts should have a similar niche to a certain level


2- Accounts should have at least 5000-10000 followers, less wont do you any boost.


How can you find these groups? DM accounts similar to your niche and ask them if they are interested. You could create the group yourself and invite others to join. They still work wonders.



Shout out for shout out


What is a shout out? Its when an account post content and tag you with it. This is in a way similar to engagement groups, but instead you actually ask your followers to check someone else. This is effective if both accounts have similar content and have high organic growth and high engagement on their posts. Ask your engagement group members if they are interested, or DM accounts and ask them if they can do a S4S. You may approach bigger accounts (10x more followers) and ask them to shout you out, but be aware that they will probably ignore you unless you offer them some payment. We believe your money is best spent somewhere else, unless you really know your content is very interesting and the shout out will bring you a lot of followers.


If you are going ahead with this anyway, we advice you to take 3-4 of the most engaged pictures of your account, and make a carousel post to be shouted out, usually you have to provide the content of the shout out post for the bigger account.


Your shout out text should be something interesting and have a balance between a promotion and a regular post, something along the lines of : Hello everyone, if you liked my latest videos about “topic” , check out “@username” , he posts similar videos that you might find interesting, hope you like them


It is very effective as well to change your account to private right before someone shout you out, make sure you add something similar to this to your shout out text as well: They are accepting the next 1000 follower


Paid tools


There are alot of tools for Instagram growth, we will go through 2 main techniques:


1- Instagram Automation: This is by far is the most common and the cheapest way, if you read above you know you need a lot of time to waste on following, liking, unfollowing etc. These tools make your job easier by automating this process, you can do your research about target followers, hashtags but when the time comes to start working, you can save yourself a lot of time by inserting these hashtags, choosing your settings, and then just let the software do everything by itself. These tools aren’t as effective of course, putting 3-4 hours yourself will get you better results, but if you have limited time then it could help you out.


If you use such tools, an important thing to do is warm up your account, once you started we suggest you run a very slow speed for a week, and slowly increase the speed till you you match your daily manual actions. For more info regarding using such tools check guide here.


Automation tools aren’t as accurate as manual follows, the software isn’t advanced enough to understand 1:1 ratio or if accounts are fake or real, so keep that in mind.


Also keep in my mind, these tools will damage your account if you don’t know what you are doing, so make sure you do your research first about daily limits and how fast can you go.


2- PowerLikes:


A power like is when a big account ( more than 10,000 followers) like your posts, of course this also applies to comments. Instagram gives more authority to a like from a big account than a small one, it pushes your post up on ahead of the competition, a like from such account might be worth 100-500 of normal likes in terms of publicity.


So how can you use this? There are PowerLike service providers out there that you can purchase, these tools will like your posts within minutes of you posting, and will use 100s of big accounts to like and comment on your posts to push them up. This is by far the most effective and safe method of growing your account, it would never be damaged your account, because you haven’t used your actual account for any activity other than posting.

Such tools are very expensive though, to purchase a monthly plan that will actually push your content viral, you need to pay $100 – $300 monthly, and you are mostly limited to a few number of posts per day. This service isn’t magic though, if your content isn’t interesting enough, it will never go viral. If you want to take a look, we suggest using as it is one of the best powerlikes service.


What are your thoughts? do you have any more tips about growing your Instagram account? Leave them in comments.

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