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Managing your social media presence can many times turn into a full time job, especially for those who wish to build their own brands online. Just marking your presence on so many social media platforms and then building upon all of them separately using different interfaces, different follower structures, and many such things can become a very tedious task. This is one of the major reasons for the presence of so many online services that claim to promote your brand online.


You can find virtual assistants, brand managers, Instagram and twitter bots and even marketing consultants, who help you in gaining traction and grow your influence online. To gain full advantage of all these services it is important that you do your homework and invest in something that is not only reliable but also efficient.


One such social media platform is Instagram, which is no longer next to YouTube or even Facebook. It is rightly considered to be the social media platform of 2019. One of the reasons for its huge success is that it has enabled thousands of content creators to make loads of money via their photos, profiles and pages.


Stim Social Review


Stim Social, is an Instagram brand management and customer conversion tool or simply said, a company that will manage your Instagram account and provide you with followers and engagement software.


They claim to, “maximize your Instagram marketing by using Stim to get real organic engagement and convert your followers to real customers”.


They also claim to; attract new followers; drive site traffic; increase product sale and build your influence.


They work by building a profile of your brand which includes your demographics and the niche of followers that you would like to engage with. With this profile they will now grow your account with active and engaged followers.


Stim Social Features:

– Speed: you can set the speed of your likes, follows and unfollows

– Follow limits: you can set when to start unfollowing accounts

– Profile picture: set if an account has to have a profile picture or not

– Business accounts: set if you wish to engage with business accounts

– Private accounts: set if you want to follow private accounts

– Gender: set who you want to follow, male, female or both

– Follower limits: set the min and max limit an account has to have for you to engage with it

– Posts limits: you can determine how many posts you would like per account

– Unfollow speed: determined the speed of unfollowing

– Following limits: set the min and max limit an account has to have for you to engage with it

– Unfollow limits: decide when to switch to follow mode

– Unfollow source: decide who you want to unfollow

– Engagement speed: choose the speed with which you would like

– Engagement source: choose who you wish to engage with

– Engagement like limits: set min and max likes a post has to have for you to like it

– Sleep: determine if you want Stim to go back to sleep mode

– Sleep start time: choose when the Stim will go into sleep mode

– Sleep duration: set how long Stim Social can be asleep


Stim Social Price


Stim Social offers five-different subscription plans for their services, starting from $5 per month to $100 per month. The more you pay the more you will get. With higher subscription plans you will receive higher volumes of followers and active engagements along with higher degree of quality in management of your Instagram presence.


Stim Social Free Trial


By entering only some basic contact information you can easily utilize the free five-day trial of Stim Social.


Stim Social for Instagram – Should You Try?


The 5-day free trail can be very useful for you to access the usability of all of its services, but for many people a 5-day free trial period is really short, because with any of these services, the cycle of new followers which are being added and their removal can be cyclical, hence even if you gain a few followers within these 5-days trial period it is not necessary that they will translate to long-term followers who will stay engaged with your account.


Stim Social claims to grow your Instagram presence with real and organic followers hence such as service definitely sounds legitimate and won’t draw the attention of Instagram’s moderation system.


One of the disadvantages of Stim Social is that it lacks transparency, especially when it comes to their pricing structure. As the same is not clearly mentioned in their website. As most of these services are subscription based, by not stating their pricing structure properly, this service is falling behind others in the business. The only thing they mention is their 5-day free trial period.


Stim Social also lacks in providing 24/7 customer support, which means that if something goes wrong with your profile it will be very difficult to get customer support to solve your issues.


Over all it has a legitimate and secure website aided with secure payment gateways, hence there is no potential for fraud.


It is a small company that will surely increase the visibility of your Instagram account. But like many other Instagram bot services, the Stim Social will trigger a review from Instagram moderation, if you are not careful enough in managing its tools.


All these types of services are useful and have their place in the world of Instagrammers but there are better alternatives which provide more transparency, have better reputation and have a better engaged customer support. The 5-day free trail makes it easy for you to try on its services before committing yourself to anything.

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    1. are you okay? yup online thieves, like i don’t even see your name on out paid clients list so you complain, if you complain about stim social then take it to them not here

  1. We have used Stim Social successfully for 3 years, on their Pro-Account. It was brilliant, the service great and I used to recommend to others a lot. In the last 3 months, this has all changed. The customer service, although responsive, take no responsibility for the issues that are inherent now that Instagram have updated their software. If you have a problem with their service, they mostly try and up-sell you to their Managed Plan, which I don’t appreciate as a solution for our Pro-Account not working.

    For the last 3 months, our account has been continually blocked by APIs, and just this week Instagram have sent us a FINAL WARNING alert to stop using their service. I took this to Stim, and they said that Instagram are wrong and what Stim are doing is fine. Whatever Stim’s assessment, it is Instagram that are making the judgement call. Stim said “just re-log in in a couple of days and it will be fine” [sic]. I don’t have that confidence, and Stim have taken no responsibility for offering alternative solutions, or an apology. We have asked for a refund for our account not working for 3 months, which they have refused, instead offering us a free trial of their Managed Plan (what a surprise).

    Stay away from this service. For 3 years they were fantastic, but they pose too high a risk now and accept zero responsibility for their issues.

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