Instagram emphasizes the search and discovery of content to a great extent. You might have used the page and app of Instagram to see feeds belonging to a different niche. But there is lot more you can do with this social network. Instagram Search is a page that displays the top performing posts on the basis of the type of content you save or like, the people you follow and the content your follows like.

While Instagram feed shows a mixed-up content with photos and videos appearing together, it may sometimes be necessary to search Instagram for videos-only. Most of us don’t have an idea whether it is possible to search Instagram videos alone. The answer is yes. There are some ways you can perform a videos-only search on Instagram to find what you are exactly looking for. Let us see some of the tips and tricks you can use to make the most out of this powerful social networking platform.

Instagram Video Only Search Websites


instagram search only videos


While the integrated tools work great, most users find they require better precision searching for videos on Instagram. There are many third-party websites that make your job easier if you are not using the app. These sites offer better search functionality that the web version of Instagram. Skimagram is the search engine for Instagram that lets you perform searches based on hash tags to see the content of your interest. You can open Skimagram and enter the tag matching your topic of interest. You can either see photos or videos or both in the results. Selecting to show only videos is a great way to search Instagram videos based on tags that describe your search phrase the most.

Another such site is Websta designed to help social media marketers perform analytics. It provides decent search functionality to help you find influencers to follow, videos of your interest and all the content you would like to see.


Instagram Official video Search & Explore


search instagram videos only


Instagram Search shows you customized posts depending on your interest. It exists in the same app as you find the Instagram Explore. Search and Explore features are designed to personalize your Instagram experience by displaying only the content you would be interested in seeing. To use this feature, you can click on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the Instagram app. The Search feature appears at the top while the Explore shows up beneath that. These two sections belong to the same page but have different functionality.

The Search feature gives you the option to search on the basis of people, places and tags. You can type the name of the person to see suggested people in the search result or hashtag or name of the place to find a match. The top right corner of the app also has an icon to see all the featured videos matching your topic of interest.

Instagram loves video content. Instagram Search & Explore is a great way to find videos related to your topic of interest. You can either select from popular categories like Food, Beauty, Fitness, Style, Travel, Animals, Decor, etc. or enter your search phrase to see the top posts and videos in the results. Videos are quite prominent in Explore and you can easily find videos of your interest by using the Search & Explore feature of Instagram.


Search Videos Using Hashtags


People tag their photos and videos with hashtags on Instagram just like on other social media sites. Hashtags are meant to allow users to search for their targeted photos and videos. Use relevant hashtags to search for something you are interested in and you will start seeing videos that people have posted with that hashtag. The main advantage of this kind of search is that you only see what interests you and don’t have to move through everything else to find what you want.

Searching for videos on Instagram is not so intuitive but that doesn’t stop the social network from creating a following of millions of people who add photos and videos of everything they could imagine. Take some time and explore Instagram to find all that you would like to see. We hope this post helps you make the most of this social network. Do share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.

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Important Notice: Video multiple hashtag search by Hashtagpirate has been disabled by Instagram due to API changes on June 2016, no one can use the API to get targeted search results anymore.