Group Pinterest Boards are one of the simplest ways to reach a broad audience as your pins are seen by an entirely new audience. However, finding Pinterest Group Boards such as PinGroupie can be challenging. Pinterest does not offer a direct way to search for Group Boards and you may have to spend hours looking for boards that are relevant to you.


Fortunately, there are some simple tools which help you easily find Group Boards to join and follow, giving you more time for pinning rather than having to hunt for them. One such tool is PinGroupie which helps find group boards to let you make the most of Pinterest. In this article, we review this Pinterest Group Board Directory and consider its features and benefits so that you can decide if it would work for you.


PinGroupie Review – UPDATED 2019


PinGroupie review


A free tool for Pinterest users, PinGroupie is a huge directory of Group Pinterest Boards which lists more than 29,000 Group Boards open to joining. It offers over 30 categories of groups to choose from. If the niche of your interest is not present, you can always search it under Description tab. The tool is dedicated to allowing users to participate in group boards to gain enhanced exposure.


You get the chance to drive traffic to your website using this tool. There are thousands of users on the group boards which are popular and most of them engage actively with the shared content. So, if you don’t have a huge following, you can benefit from boards and get your articles and photos pinned numerous times and get the opportunity to reach a large number of users.


With PinGroupie, you can sort the boards by their following, likes and pins. You can then choose from boards with high-activity groups related to your niche through the PinGroupie database. An excellent feature of this tool is that it allows looking for groups based on the title, description and category. The groups you see depend on the type of words used in their account description. This makes it easy to find group boards relevant to your brand.


PinGroupie is a massive directory of group Pinterest boards where you can find boards ranging from The Daily Pin with 251 followers to M&M with more than 2.6 million followers. The directory offers advanced search features to help you find the right boards for you. PinGroupie shows you the number of collaborators, pins and followers for each group board to let you decide if you want to join it. More collaborators mean you can pin more often and more followers mean your pins reach a higher number of people.


Pinterest Group Board Directory – How it Works?


pinterest group board directory


Pinterest is a powerful marketing tool and Group Boards are one of its most valuable features that help you increase your reach and sales. A Pinterest Group Board directory like PinGroupie helps business owners and bloggers find appropriate group boards with a large number of collaborators and followers to use the marketing power of Pinterest and expand their business reach. The directory of group boards let you search boards by Title, Category and Description. You can filter your search by clicking on the Category drop-down menu and then using the Filter button. It is possible to refine the search further by entering a keyword in the Title or Description field. If you are not sure about the category you want to search, you can select all and then enter keywords in the Title and Description fields.


The directory shows you results in a grid form listing relevant details like Title, Description, Creator, Category, Number of Collaborators, Number of Pins, Number of Followers, Number of Repins, Number of Likes, Last Update Date/Time. You can visit the board by clicking on the title. Clicking on the Creator icon takes you to the profile of the board’s creator.


Sorting the results is easy with the directory. You can use the drop-down menu of OrderBy and click the Filter button to rank the boards in the order that is important to you. It is possible to sort the results by ascending and descending order. Once you find the group board of your interest, you can either mail the group board owner and request to join it or you can comment on a recent pin from the owner and ask to join.


The description of a group board generally instructs on how to join. Once you get added to the Group Board, you can share your pins with all the people following the board. This is how you can get thousands of followers instantly and use the opportunity for your business marketing through Pinterest.


Is PinGroupie Not Working?


The powerful, free tool had stopped working for some time due to some unknown reasons. But it has started working again and millions of users interested in leveraging the benefits of Pinterest Group Boards use it for effective internet marketing. PinGroupie offers a simple dashboard to search and join relevant group boards on Pinterest to save time and effort that users can spend on other productive things. The directory gives you a chance to get a large number of instant followers on Pinterest.


PinGroupie Alternatives

pingroupie alternatives


There are some alternatives to PinGroupie, though not so powerful and easy to use. These tools also let you find and join Pinterest Group Boards to expand the business reach.


Board Deck – Resembling PinGroupie, Board Deck is a Group Board directory with more than 20,000 Group Boards listed. It allows you to search them by keywords and category. It allows ordering the search results by parameters like followers, board name, pins, collaborators and others. To use Board Deck, you should create an account with email address and password and log in.


Pinterest Group Board Directory – Developed by The Pin Junkie, Pinterest Group Board Directory proves to be helpful to those who are looking for appropriate group boards as the listings are added by group board creators so that they can be found easily. These boards are organized into categories and you can find links to Pinterest boards. It has a limited number of group boards listed.


RepinPirate is a new Pinterest automation tool, if you are looking for something more automated, they offer alot of services such as auto pin, auto comments, auto invite, and plenty of other tools.




PinGroupie is an amazing tool that helps online marketers and bloggers find an easy way to market their content and brand. As group boards continue to grow more important and widespread, PinGroupie will be more useful as the most effective way to search for the relevant group boards on Pinterest.