Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms of modern times. Users from all over the world are sharing photos and videos, following other people or famous stars via their personal accounts. Instagrammers, like YouTubers or bloggers, have great influence and they can affect a lot their audience with the posts they share or the videos they upload. Many of those Instagrammers have actually turned Instagram into their main source of income, by finding a good money-earning job.


Social Media Manager

There are a variety of social media jobs waiting for you out there. The global influence of these social sites, particularly Instagram, has made the demand for capable candidates from around the world all the more to increase during the last years. A lot of remote social media jobs have made their appearance, nowadays. Becoming a social media manager, a social media ad review specialist or a social media coordinator using your personal Instagram account are just a few examples of some remote work positions you can have access to if you can effectively make the most of your Instagram accounts.


Think about influencing

Instagram influencers are extremely popular nowadays. If you are capable of sharing unique content online and you consider yourself an expert on a certain field, then this can be the ideal job for you. All you need to do is to create original content, including posts, videos or even photos and let a brand use them on their personal site or account. The terms of that job are usually predetermined and your benefit will come at a certain fee, gift card, service or a combination of those.


Become an affiliate

There are a lot of online merchants who offer affiliate programs available for Instagrammers. You just have to find the one that best suits your needs. An affiliate is someone who makes sales for the partner brand and is paid accordingly to those sales. A unique promo code is given to each individual and you can incorporate that code in your posts or videos. That way, every single person who chooses to click on the product and buy it via your profile becomes a client of yours, as well. Each new click on the brand’s product will provide you with a specific fee. As you can well imagine, having a lot of active followers on Instagram increases the chances that something like that actually happens.


Sell your photos

We all know that Instagram is mainly a photo-sharing app. There are various marketplaces which are on the lookout for interesting and artistic photos. So, if you can really take good photos, you can try and sell them via your Instagram account. You just have to keep in mind that the competition is really high out there. Therefore, you really have to try and stand out. Taking controversial photos or even pictures with a more philosophical point of view can help you become popular and successful.


The use of Instagram nowadays is one of the most popular activities we spend our time daily. Whether we do it for fun or with the prospect of becoming the next most successful influencer in our area, the truth is that social media can give us a lot of opportunities. Instagram in particular, can offer individuals the job of their dreams. They just have to search thoroughly and find the one that best suits their needs.