As beauty enthusiasts, we undoubtedly get sucked into the most recent makeup trends. And the nicely-mixed look is nothing less than attention-snatching which surely causes double takes right and left.


Plus, now your IG feed is likely flooded with tons of neon signs that urge followers to ‘Welcome the new vibes’ or ‘Stay fancy’. Nonetheless, this trend has now become much more accessible owing to the hottest craze: fluorescent light-inspired makeup appearances.


Yes, you heard it right. Your lips and eyes can literally look as if glowing, all thanks to the clever hobbies of those same neon lights flooding your feeds.


And if you’re skeptical, then let me tell you, NO, these aren’t just a more vibrant version of the day-glo brights regularly sported in the summer – this tactic literally reflects the fluorescent lights which line Times Square. But instead of using blacklight or UV makeup for creating them, makeup artists have gone crazy after their kits for shockingly bright shadows and white liner to lighten up your feed.


Plus, beauty fanatics took this beyond their lips and eyes to come up with some unique appearances that are cut out for Halloween and music fests. This trend shows no sign of going, so I rounded up the appearances which certainly would set your creative thinking into overdrive.


Let’s get started:


Vibrant Neon Lips

neon make up instagram

This was one of the first IG updates that disseminated through social media and encouraged a ton of such posts. While Australian makeup artist Genevieve Jauquet first tried this makeup in 2016. And it was her latest, glittery version that spread on social media like wildfire. The catch? Use white liner to draw a line around the lips just as a bright billboard sign.


Bold Neon Statement

Just because you’re doing neon makeups doesn’t mean you must go with black shadow. Regardless of which hue you choose, you can still forge a bold statement. Just make sure to layer your white liner before and after you begin whirling on the eye shadow so it seems vibrant.


Two-toned Take

As the trend disseminated on social media, French makeup artist Marion Moretti came up with a two-toned take by highlighting the cut crease with pops of blue and pink and even put out a tutorial that goes in detail to explain how to get the look.


The Rainbow

Why settle for 1 or 2 hues when you can have the entire rainbow? Makeup Artist Jane Doe created a colorful cut crease with a misty neon light. If you’re about to mix colors like Jane, just make sure to mix before you move on to the next shade so it doesn’t get muddied.


Electric Twist

The electric touch on Pennywise’s clown makeup will certainly light up your night and scare everyone this Halloween.


The Interiors

Scroll through IG’s #neonmakeup hashtag and you’d find a plethora of well-lit skulls sprinkled in the results. And the best part? You can customize the appearance to your own bone structure and make it show up in certain places.


Prismatic Twist

Anybody else get the vibe “Born This Way” seeing this beautiful outcome? The prismatic look seems amazing along with splash of similar faux freckles.


The Subtle Nightlight

Looking for something a bit more subtle? Just add a tiny flick of white right above your classic black wing and diffuse the surrounding using the shadow on your lid.

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