If you have any kind of business or are promoting your personal brand, an online presence is of very high importance. Instagram is by far one of the best social media platforms to get leads that could convert into sales. However, getting a high number of followers on Instagram requires quite a bit of effort. Along with a large following, it’s also important to get a high level of engagement with your content. This would enhance your reputation as a brand and also result in more sales, more influence, and more success.


While it’s quite a task to enhance engagement and the number of followers, there are now online apps developed for increasing your IG followers within a short period of time. This method makes use of some very powerful tools that could build up your influence and get them interested in your offerings to boot.


While the best Instagram followers app is not determined yet, there are several ways in which such programs increase engagement. We’ll be discussing some of them below, so you’d know what to expect.


The Automation Factor


If you have one of these apps, your common tasks should be automated for you. When running any kind of social media account, a company owner or manager usually has to perform long and monotonous tasks. These could include combing the site for relevant accounts to follow; interacting with customers; and liking relevant posts. One excellent example here is hashtag monitoring. With a bot hunting down the hashtags you’re interested in, you can easily be connected to relevant followers and get data on the latest trends.

The free time you get from such automation should enable you to focus more personally on likely customers. Plus, you’d automatically get more data to work on instead of having to do the research manually.

Being Scaleable


The best Instagram followers app should also have the ability to grow and expand as your company does. If you do manage to up your followers to the thousands, the app should be able to perform just as effectively as it did in the hundreds. You should not have to put in more effort when you should be focusing on controlling the huge following you have now. Nor should there be any glitches or limitations in the app that would render it useless just when it’s needed the most.


Also, the app should be able to convert your followers into an end customers. This means that it should be equipped with a messaging service that would encourage conversations relevant to your product or service.



We’ve mentioned this above, but the time-saving aspect of a followers app is something that warrants a separate discussion. A good app would have a powerful scheduling tool; one that allows the preloading of Instagram posts for certain days, weeks, and even specific times. This really makes things easier for social media teams, since they won’t be called upon to create high-quality content at the last minute. This way, you’d also be able to take quick advantage of the seasons without compromising your own routine.


With the automatic content discovery, you would be able to reshare (repost) relevant content, resulting in likes from those accounts as well. These would be organic likes, not automated or paid ones. As a result, you’d have some great content and a higher number of followers within a fraction of the time that the manual path would have taken.


Gaining Followers Naturally

Before you decide on an app to generate Instagram followers, see if its reviews state that it’s producing engaged, active, and above all real followers. If this offer is not on the charts, there’s really not much that such an app can do for you. Getting a fake increase in your followers’ number is not going to help you much, especially not when you want to conduct some conversions and increase your sales.


You hence need to be on the lookout for apps that would actually benefit you by using a variety of tools. These would include engagement boosters, contest managers, and scheduling calendars.


The Fake Factor

While using Instagram followers apps, many may fear that the likes, followers, shares, and other interactions they gain are fake elements. Such shortcuts may indeed hurt a business or person more than their benefits. This risk would seriously diminish the marketing effectiveness of your online account.


With the right kind of an Instagram followers app, though, you can avoid such downsides. This would be an app that doesn’t just go through the motions of automatically liking, commenting and attracting followers. If you rely on such an app without thinking, you’d soon be disengaging with your real followers and likely be banned from Instagram at some point. While getting Instagram followers through an app is not technically illegal, it probably violates the Terms and Conditions you’ve agreed to when creating your account.So be sure to do a bit of manual engagement as well, considering the daily limits of likes/follows/comments.



If you’re an aspiring brand, be on the lookout for an effective app that focuses on automating actions, reducing manual inputs requirements, and is scalable to boot. This would serve to save you time but also give you real, interested followers with interests relevant to your business. Still, you do need to engage with your followers personally from time to time and put some effort into creating quality content. Without such input, no apps or automation are going to help you achieve Instagram success.


When in doubt, check off the qualities mentioned in the discussion above. This would help to get you the best app that would support your efforts and get you excellent results. Since many of these apps are not that costly, you can get a lot done without a vast investment. So get on an one of these online apps and see how you can enhance your Instagram engagement strategy!


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