Instagram is the most powerful social channel today. With more than 400 million active users, over 80 million posts every day and 3.5 billion likes on average, it is definitely a valuable platform for social media marketing. But how can a business account benefit from the power of Instagram? The answer is Hashtags. Hashtags are quite powerful. They help your Instagram posts reach the target audience, increase engagement, attract followers and develop a positive brand image.


Hashtags serve as a way to categorize posts. They help your post get discovered by viewers who are most interested in seeing it. Such viewers are more likely to engage with you because your post is exactly what they are looking for.


Hashtags For Inspirational Quotes On Instagram


Best Instagram Hashtags For Followers


Inspirational Quotes are often found on Instagram in different forms. They are quite popular because users love to see something that relates to their inspiration, aspiration and interest. For people who wish to get massive likes and followers on Instagram using inspirational quotes, there are some popular hashtags commonly found across the feeds.


A large number of people browse through their feed when they experience boredom. It is possible to engage such an audience by helping them dream big and inspiring them to immerse themselves in a whole new world.


Here are some of the most popular hashtags for inspirational quotes on Instagram:


#quoteoftheday #quotestoliveby #quotes #motivationalmonday #instaquote #qotd #motivation #MondayMotivation #motivationalquotes #inspiration #motivation #lifequotes #love #writersofInstagram #success #wordsofwisdom #positivevibes #thoughts #lovequotes # words #life #instagood #lifestyle #successquotes #positivequotes #dailyquotes #loveyourself #quotesdaily #positivity #quotesaboutlife


Inspirational Quotes To Get Followers On Instagram


Hashtags For Inspirational Quotes On Instagram


Being a catch-all-kind of quote, inspirational quotes generally seem appealing to almost all kinds of audience. Quotes are a great way to get interaction and traction for visual content. Use of appropriate hashtags with inspirational quotes can boost engagement with the visitors and share something valuable with others.


You can share quotes from industry leaders and authors as well as from your own blog posts on Instagram in the form of visual content with photo or accompanied by an eye-catching design. Quotes reflecting your goal and brand are also great choices.


Some of the top quotes that appeal to people and inspire them to live a better life are:


“Don’t stop until you’re proud.”


“Train your mind to see the good in every situation.”


“Your life isn’t yours if you constantly care what others think.”


Creating good inspirational quotes to share on Instagram is just like cooking blog post ideas. You should stay updated on the current events and news and focus on customer-facing friends to get ideas. Once you choose the quotes, the next step is to create masterpieces. You can use free tools to make images easily if you don’t have an experience in graphic design. It is a good idea to brand your Instagram photos but see that it does not look like an advertisement. Consider placing a small logo in the corner of the picture or a branded hashtag in the caption.


Best Instagram Hashtags For Followers

 Quotes To Get Followers On Instagram


When talking about the use of Instagram hashtags to build brand awareness and presence, there are so many popular and trending hashtags which you can use. Some of these include


#photooftheday #instalike #selfie


Another powerful type of hashtags is the themed hashtags which go well with any Instagram post to increase followers. Here are some of them to consider:


#throwbackthursday #motivationalmonday #followfriday


Sharing what you are doing is another great way to make your Instagram account inspiring for others. Balancing business with some fun is an amazing way to get followers on Instagram.


#amwriting #amreading #WIDN

Exposing your real you to the audience adds some personality to your brand. These hashtags can be used to share what you are doing right now and bring interest to your post. They work well to make new connections and spark conversations.


Following hashtags can be used to promote your blog post or show the audience that you are working on something.


#instablogger #newblogpost #blogging


Such hashtags can be added to images when you work on new blog posts. You can direct visitors to the link in your bio and drive traffic to your blog right from Instagram.


Some popular follow and like hashtags are:


#followme #followback #followforfollow #follower #followgram #following #followyou #follow4follow


#like4like #likeforlike #likeall #instagood #liketeam #likeme #likeit


By using the right type of images, content and hashtags, you will be able to create beautiful Instagram quotes which bring you a lot of followers and likes. We hope these hashtag suggestions prove useful to you. Consider adding them to your Instagram posts to see your visibility improving. Also, experiment with other hashtags to see which ones fit your business and target audience the best. Share your experiences and suggestions with us in the comments section below.