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Instagram is now one of the premier social media platforms in the world. With about a billion users in the year 2018, it’s not an exaggeration to say that Instagram has the potential to become the most used social media platform in the coming years.


Millions of people promote their businesses on their Instagram pages, with the hopes that this kind of mostly free advertising will help them sell their product or help them attain something of financial value. And this is not a far cry from the truth. Many online personalities earn their living from platforms such as Instagram.


They get paid by companies to promote their products in hopes that this online personality’s reach and following helps their sales. But here’s the catch; it’s hard to gain a following that is big enough to get you those kinds of deals. Here’s where Instagram automation apps come into the picture.


What Are Instagram Automation Apps

Say you want to promote a product you’re going to launch, or you want companies to approach you to promote their product, or maybe you just want a ton of followers for no other reason apart from bragging rights. If you fit any of these profiles then Instagram Automation Apps may be something you might want to look into. Instagram Automation Apps are basically apps that allow you to get tons of likes, comments, followers, in exchange for money or for the use of your account.


For example, there are tons of these kinds of apps that charge you a certain amount of money for a certain number of followers. While others give you followers in exchange for authority over your account where they can use it to follow, like, comment, etc. on other people’s accounts. There are plenty of these websites and apps that are scams so it’s best to verify if they work or not.


Why You Should Use Them


There are several uses of Instagram Automation Apps. If you have a product on sale and you have tons of followers, a potential customer may take a look at your profile and decide to follow you and if they like your product enough, maybe even consider buying it.


The reach that you get from a high number of followers enables you to sell and promote your product more effectively. On the other hand, if you’re an up and coming online personality that wants sponsorship from companies, you will most definitely need a large following.


The only reason companies approach individuals and pay them for advertisements is because they understand that this person has a large following that may want to buy their product. If you don’t have a large following almost no company will approach you.



Why You Shouldn’t Use Them


Now, there are also a number of reasons why you shouldn’t use these applications. If your intention of getting a large following is because you want product sales, then it’s safe to assume that most of the followers you get from free Automation Apps won’t buy anything. A large percentage of the accounts that will follow you might even be bots that are made use of by these apps to get you new followers really quick. If you want genuine customers as your followers then it’s advised that you use reputable paid apps and follow guidelines on how to get the most of what you pay. Another disadvantage is that you need to follow Instagram daily limits and not abuse your account to the point of being flagged as spammy, that could end up getting your account restricted or even banned at severe spam cases. Make sure you follow your apps guides and even contact support to make sure everything is correct.


And if you’re someone who wants sponsorships from companies and you use these apps to increase your following, it’s likely that the company will see no sales unless you knew how to target buyers and hence might never work with you again. To get sponsorships it’s better to create a niche with the content you post and then gain genuine followers through accurate targeting.


IG Hoot Review – UPDATED 2018 ( Service shut down)


We regret to inform you that IG Hoot main website has shutdown, you can download the app but functions might not work.

One of the most talked about Instagram Automation apps is IG Hoot; a free automation app that seems to work very well. The setup for this application is fairly easy. You only need to look up IG Hoot on Google, go to their website and download the app. After this IG Hoot asks you to enter your Instagram account credentials using your IG Hoot app.


This will give them access to your account, enabling them to like, comment and follow anyone else from your account. After you’re logged in, you can choose to get free likes or free followers. For the free likes, you can choose a certain photo of yours on which you want more likes or you can enter someone else’s picture to have them get more likes.


The best part about IG Hoot is the fact that it is a free application and doesn’t require any money, unlike many other such applications. But that comes with a price, you wont get much support, and it doesnt seem to offer any guides on how to use, and best targeting practices. We advise you to maybe try automation with IG Hoot, and then find a better alternative.


Why is IG Hoot not increasing followers?


The purpose of an automation service is targeting users and converting them into your followers. IG Hoot is capable of increasing the number of followers with the aid of following strategies:


Targeting hashtag, this is one of the most common forms of targeting people but is not considered to be a good practice. Because recently people have started using too many hashtags which are mostly irrelevant. A hashtag should be capable giving you a good amount of search volume to relevant posts ratio.


Targeting usernames, this is one of the most effective ways of targeting big accounts. If you sell products related to gaming, then it is advised you target all accounts such as the ones who provide game reviews. In this method the bot will automatically follow, like, message these accounts and make them notice your products.


Targeting location, Instagram uses your location from google maps, and if you are near a shopping centre or a business centre, you can easily target this location.



Is IG Hoot Safe To Use With Instagram?



A big question that arises when you use these apps is if they’re safe to use. Many of these applications are scam apps that can use your details malignantly so it’s good to verify if they’re genuine or not.


As for IG Hoot, the application website states that it is indeed safe and spam free and many users seem to attest that it works very well, while there are plenty of skeptics on the internet that do not believe IG Hoot isn’t a spam site. To give credibility to their theory they state that a genuine automation application wouldn’t require your Instagram password, which IG Hoot does. In the end, it is up to you to decide if you’re willing to risk having your information stolen.

Another safety issue as we mentioned above is sticking to Instagram daily limits for likes/follows/DMs ..etc, so make sure you dont abuse the system whether it was IG Hoot or any automation app.



IG Hoot Alternatives



There are plenty of alternatives to IG Hoot. Some paid and some free. Here are some of the best ones-


  1. Hashtagpirate– Paid
  2. IconoSquare- Paid
  3. Gainsta- Paid
  4. Instamacro- Paid
  5. Buzzoid- Paid
  6. Instamacro – Paid
  7. AiGrow – five-day free trial, with which you get access to all the features of the app; post the free trail it is you can opt for any of the packages depending on what features you need and what not.
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