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We are glad to launch our Instagram bot software as a mobile app. Instagram bot trial accounts has been disabled as we are burning through our expensive proxies list due to abuse, users create several accounts and do their activities as fast as possible during the trial period and never pay. If you cant add your account you can request a refund by emailing .


1- Preparing your Instagram Account

Disable your account temporarily

note: disabling your account wont damage it, just make sure you don’t keep the account disabled for more than a month. This is required as Instagram blocks adding your account as it detect you are trying to login from different location. Disabling simply resets the location so you can add it.

Login to from your browser, head to “edit profile” , and at the bottom right click “temporary disable my account” , make sure you aren’t logged in anywhere else on that account for at least 3-4 hours.


2- Adding your Instagram Account

1- Click the Menu button

2- Go to accounts

3- click “New Account”

4- enter user name and password

5- add account

note: adding the account after disabling it needs 20-60 seconds, as it activates the account first then add it.

note: if you keep receiving “challenge required” it means you didn’t disable the account, sometimes you can still add the account if you go to your instagram official app, and confirm it was you who tried to login .


3- Posting and scheduling guide


1- Head to ” Post Now” from the Menu in our Instagram software.

2- Select type of post, Photo, Video, or Multi-photo post.

3- Select the Media ” Pick file from your device”

4- Select required Instagram Account

5- Fill in caption, and first comment if you prefer to leave hashtags in the first comment.

note: you may prepare a list of ready made captions by navigation to “Captions” at

6- Select posting date if you want to schedule the post

7- Select post location if you want to add location to your post

8- Click post now ( or schedule post in case you did so) to finish.

note: You may check your scheduled post from the calendar.


4- Profile Manager

1- navigate to Profile Manager

2- click on required account

You can edit your profile, delete media or read comment through this page.














5- Auto activity guide ( Like, comment, follow)

1- Head to “Fast Automation” from the Menu

2- Select the required Instagram account.

3- Choose the required options

  • Auto Follow: Auto follow accounts, based on your targeting settings ( will be explained below).
  • Auto Unfollow: Auto unfollow accounts, and keep those who follow you. You may unfollow everyone and keep a list to keep.
  • Auto comments: Auto comment on posts, enter list of comments, then comments from the list. ( will be explained below).
  • Send welcome DM: Send welcome DM to new followers, careful to not exceed daily limit of 40 new DMs.
  • Auto Like: Auto like posts, based on your targeting settings.

5-1- Targeting : Source

1- Hashtags: Target posts that contains the hashtags you select.

2- Places: Target posts that are tagged in a certain location.

3- Target followers of usernames: This is very effective if you target big accounts in your niche, as followers of these accounts are interested in the niche of your account.

5-2- Growth settings.

Below are all the settings you have.

5-3- Follow+ Like.

You can turn this option on, it will like few pictures of new accounts you follow. we recommend slow speed option if you use this feature.

5-4- Unfollow settings

Below is all the options you have when you use the unfollow feature.

5-5- Comments settings

Add your comments using the box , make sure to add many different comments, as Instagram detects if you use same comments and will not allow you to post them. We recommend 2 comments an hour, please stick to Instagram limits and rules.

5-6- Welcome DM

Add messages to be sent to your new followers. As with comments, make sure to add many different DMs, as Instagram detects if you use same and will not allow you to post them. We recommend 2 DMs an hour, please stick to Instagram limits and rules.

5-7- Black list

Add keywords that you don’t want to target, for example you want to stay away from gambling or adult accounts.

5-8- Finish and save

Now you are all set, click Save to start.


5-9- Activity Log

Make sure to check the activity log, you will see history of comments/likes/follows done by our system. Also it will show any errors you have. if you face issue you may email our support at . Please notice that main errors that shows are due to abuse and doing actions too fast.


6- Auto Repost

Find posts and repost them from your account. Be careful that sometimes you might end up reposting content that you wouldn’t want.

We recommend you target hashtags related to your niche, and keep the speed at very slow

7- Media Downloader

1-head to Downloader from the menu

2- paste the URL of the post

3- Click apply

you can download the media now


9- Speed Settings

speed/hr like comment story view welcome DM follow unfollow repost
very slow 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
slow 2 2 2 1 3 3 2
medium 5 3 3 2 5 5 5
fast 10 4 4 2 7 7 10
very fast 60 5 10 3 15 15 20
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  • Jason Blair

    Please help, this is not working on my iphone. I tried on chrome and safari.

    • Nicolas At

      please contact our support, if you cant add your account you need to follow the video guide, if its another issue let us know

    • Atlanta Strippers R' Us

      Has anyone had problems on android with this app? Not sure if I was to pay to try it out. I wish they offered a free trial to at least take it for a test drive!

      • Nicolas At

        the service works perfect on mobile browsers, you can access it from the app or the website. people were abusing the trial by creating a lot of trial accounts, once you pay, you can test, and if for some reason you had issues you get a refund, but you need to follow the instructions to add the account.

  • gonetraveling_4evr

    It wont upload photo,it is saying that photo is published but it is not

    • Nicolas At

      this error is caused by the account flagged for spam, stop for 24h and start again, make sure you lower the automation speed settings to avoid this in future, if you face issues contact us.

  • iistr0ng


  • abubakar_mazhar3