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How to use our Mobile version | Read Me

We are glad to relaunch our Instagram bot software as of March 2020. Instagram bot trial accounts has been disabled as we are burning through our expensive proxies list due to abuse, users create several accounts and do their activities as fast as possible during the trial period and never pay. If you cant add your account you can request a refund by emailing contact@hashtagpirate.com.

The new system use android/iOS phone emulation, and have several breaks and pauses to be close to human behavior.

1- Adding your Instagram Account

1- Go to accounts -> Add

2- Enter user name and password

3- Choose account settings

4- Follow on screen instructions



2- Posting and scheduling guide (coming soon)


1- Head to ” Post Now” from the Menu in our Instagram software.

2- Select type of post, Photo, Video, or Multi-photo post.

3- Select the Media ” Pick file from your device”

4- Select required Instagram Account

5- Fill in caption, and first comment if you prefer to leave hashtags in the first comment.

note: you may prepare a list of ready made captions by navigation to “Captions” at https://hashtagpirate.com/bot/captions.

6- Select posting date if you want to schedule the post

7- Select post location if you want to add location to your post

8- Click post now ( or schedule post in case you did so) to finish.

note: You may check your scheduled post from the calendar.

3- Auto activity guide ( Like, comment, follow)

1- Head to “Automation” -> All

2- Select the required Instagram account. if you have more than one account, click “Change Account” on the top right

3- Choose the activity you want to automate

4- Choose targeting



4- Welcome DM

Add messages to be sent to your new followers. Make sure to add many different DMs, as Instagram detects if you use same message over and over and will not allow you to post them. We recommend adding 10 different messages.

1- Head to “Automation” -> Welcome DM

2- Fill in the required fields

5- Dashboard

You can view summery of activity and view statistics in the dashboard

also you can view statistics

6- Speed Settings

All activity speed, pauses are controlled by the system, the speed will vary depending on several factors to emulate human behavior .