Instagram users engagement rate is among the highest of Social Media platforms.

Want to gain more Likes? more Views? or even more Followers on Instagram?

One of the best ways to achieve so is by using Hashtags correctly.

In this article, you will learn what hashtags are, and how they can help you.


What are hashtags?

Hashtags are keywords , starting with the hash symbol , that you can type/comment on the description of a post.

When you post on Instagram, its important to add relevant hashtags.


Food related posts would have hashtags like #BeefBurger #foodPorn #dineOut

Hashtags organize images and videos, making them easy to find.


How does people search with hashtags?

Using Instagram application, you may search for hashtags by going to the search tab, and then selecting “Tags”.

When you want to go for vacation in Spain, you may search for the hashtag #spain , which would get you related posts.

Here on , we have taken the hashtag search to the next level, making it possible to search with multiple hahstags to match your topics, for example, you could get more related results using the hashtags #spain #vacation , or #spain #beach.


Is more better?

This could be a debatable topic, but from personal experience, the more hashtags you add, the larger the reach, but is this a good thing?

Let me explain, more hashtag will mean more visibility, but if you are targeting specific group of followers , you would be better off using only two to five hashtags related to your post. This will result in quality followers.

In case you are using Instagram just for personal fun, and you do not care about who will follow you, then i suggest using more hashtags, each Instagram post allows you to use maximum of 30 tags, i suggest you cheat that and comment additional tags with a second account, which would gets you an extra 30 tag each.

You may check the “Common Hashtags” section here on , to view our selection of most common hashtags.



If you want to be noticed, and have more interaction with your Audience, Instagram is the way to go.

To achieve that, you have to master the art of Hashtags.

What do you think ? Leave your comments below.

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