Here is a quick guide on how to search Instagram with multiple hashtags on

For years, users could search Instagram using only one hashtag, which gives you very wide results, and make it hard to target certain audience. We created a tool to make searching Instagram with multiple hashtags possible, and lets you choose whether you would prefer images or videos in the results.


Important Notice: Multiple hashtag search has been disabled by Instagram due to API changes on June 2016, no one can use the API to get search results anymore. We offer Instagram growth services now. Click below.




Here is the old guide anyway:

– Let us suppose you want to target car enthusiasts in London for a business opportunity.



– We will type in the search field the following hashtags: #Auto #London. Hit the search button, and you will see the relevant results.



– Clicking on any of the results, will take you to the relevant post on Instagram website.



– If you want to find only Videos, select Videos near the search button, and click search.



– To help you find results, Hashtagpirate have you covered by collecting the common hashtags in different topics, visit the Common Hashtags field on the left side of the page, and select the required topic.



Happy hashtag hunting.