Instagram is a great photo sharing site that came into existence only a few years back. Since its launch in the market, it has been really popular among all age groups of people. Starting from young people to grown-up adults, we all love to use Instagram because of its unique features. Unlike the other social media platforms, Instagram is a bit different. Here you can only upload your photos and videos which make it all the more interesting. Also, Instagram is a great platform for showcasing your talent and promoting your business. It is because of all these reasons that Instagram has become such a popular platform in today’s time. But there is one thing that we all Instagram followers have noticed, it takes longer to delete the photos from the app. Today, in this article we are going to find out how to delete Instagram photos quickly.


Fastest way to delete


As we all know Instagram is a platform where we can upload as many photos as we want. But there are times when we may want to delete most of our photos for several reasons. Instagram doesn’t allow you to delete multiple photos in one go. Therefore, the process of deleting photos from Instagram is a slow one and may take a lot of time when you have a lot of photos to delete. But did you know that there are certain services such as hashtagpirate, with the help of which you can delete photos faster from Instagram? Services such as this help you to delete all photos at one go and thus, it’s a much faster way than to use Instagram to delete your photos.


Here is how


All you need to do is as follows:

1- Visit and create an account.

2- Head to Instagram Accounts page

3- Click Add New, Enter your Instagram log-in id and password and click Submit in order to add your account.


– If you face checkpoint required error, follow the guide here


4- Head to Auto Activity page, and click Add new



5- Select Your Instagram Account from the top, then head down below to To Do section and select Delete Media


– Note: please make sure to disable any unwanted options like Like, Comment , etc


6- Select the speed of which you delete photos, please notice Instagram have certain limit on deleting pictures, we suggest to keep the settings on slow .


7- Head down at the bottom of the page and click Submit


8- You can follow up on the operation in auto activity page



9- Click Stop to stop deleting photos when you are done, that’s it.


It is a very useful service for those who want to delete pictures as quick as possible from their account, specially for people who keep on deleting all photos every now and then. With the help of hashtagpirate, they do not have to waste time .