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Stop Losing Followers On Instagram

Instagram certainly has become the shining star of social media marketing for entrepreneurs and businesses. And it’s crucial for every business to make sure they’re squeezing the most out of their investment, and know how to stop losing followers on Instagram. Although Instagram has been out there for years now, new ways of gaining and losing followers are always being generated. That’s because having a loyal following is not only about stellar grid and thoughtful captions, it’s about setting your brand apart from the extremely saturated market. Here, even the slightest of mistakes can drive followers away, which makes follower retention one of the most important things.


Here are 10 steps on helping you stop losing followers on Instagram:


(1) Utilize Instagram Stories


How to stop losing followers on IG? Stories do an impeccable job of sustaining Instagram followers. Don’t underestimate that top bar of Instagram because you can use it to – drum up curiosity for your latest video, ask your viewers for feedback or offer a behind-the-scenes of your life. On top of that, Instagram Stories do a great job of:


1- Humanizing your business

2- Increasing brand awareness

3- Adding personality to your brand

4- Increasing your visibility

4- Diversifying your content

6- Marketing your brand in real-time

7- Ultimately, growing your community


– Interested in Instagram stories, read our article about how to view Instagram stories anonymously.


(2) Don’t share too much at once


Lots of people flood their followers with new posts, ultimately, frustrating their users. That’s because the users on social media follow lots of people they admire, and if someone goes publishing every second minute, it gets on their nerve and consequently, makes them unfollow you. How to stop losing Instagram followers? it’s only smart to limit your share amount to 1-4 posts a day. Besides, that number is good enough to keep your readers engaged. Further, you should also consider which will be the most effective times to post on social media. Here’s an infographic to help you with just that:



(3) Brush Up Your Instagram Bio


Ever came across an Instagram profile and felt it was a glaring reflection of what you actually love? I know I have. Sometimes, the bio alone is so groundbreaking that it makes me follow them without even scrolling down. Well, you can pull that off too.


– Below I’m going to share how you can be that one brand every potential client wants to be following. Let’s go:


1- Keep your bio concise

2- Add a killer profile photo

3- Use emojis to spice things up

4- Include your email/contact information

5- Edit ruthlessly and update constantly


(4) Share Regularly


While you may be thinking that sharing very little may help with retaining followers, the opposite is actually true.


Let’s say people start following your page and you stop sharing anything completely. After 3 months, you start sharing again and those followers start seeing them. What’d be their first thought?


Their thoughts would often be somewhere close to:


1- “Who are they anyway?”

2- “Did I really follow them?”

3- “Perhaps the rumors of accounts automatically following others is true?”


Then? BAM. Unfollowed.


Bottom line? How to stop decreasing followers on Instagram? There’s no way around sharing relevant content regularly if you don’t want to lose followers.


(5) But Do Not Over-share


Balancing your post frequency is crucial. While I don’t suggest posting day in day out, posting routinely doesn’t hurt as well.  Try avoiding long gaps and not posting more than 2-3 times a day.


(6) Show That You Appreciate Your Followers


Why do i keep losing followers on Instagram? Show your followers that you love them if you want them to keep following. Simply thanking people for sharing your work does a great job of landing great impression. In fact, this article shows that Justin Bieber has a strong Twitter following owing to his sheer appreciation.


Besides, you can also cultivate your relation by asking questions, answering questions and following them back. Here, I’d like to emphasize on following people back as it helps you get your followers fast and retain them for good.


(7) Stop Sending Too Many Automatic Direct Messages


Perhaps you too have experienced this. The very moment you follow someone, you’re slapped with a direct message offering you something to buy, visit their site or to like them on Facebook. This can be extremely annoying as the person hasn’t even made a good relationship and wants you to pull out your wallet. What these businesses don’t understand is, social networks are about cultivating relationships. Skip this part and you’ll almost always upset your audience, and sometimes, resulting in an instant unfollow.


So if you’re doing mass messaging, stop right now. Start sending personal DMs the next time someone follows you. Yep, use their name if possible. Thank them for following. And always keep it about THEM.


(8) Don’t Attract the Wrong Audience


Attracting the wrong audience will cause instant unfollows the moment they realize your content doesn’t interest them. This is where audience relevancy comes to play. Building a relevant following requires a bio that’ll draw their attention, content that’ll keep them interested and campaigns that’ll attract them. A relevant following would be more likely to keep following or promoting you.


(9) Stop Advertising Too Much


The #1 way of promoting on social networks is with your content. Content helps you engage your readers, cultivate relationships, generate trust, traffic, leads, and sales. One big reason why people scroll their feed is that they want someone expert to help better their lives.


Yes, it’s okay to promote your services and products every now and then, but overdoing it can make you bleed followers. Keeping a set ration is a great way of going about it. Let’s say, for every 10/20 posts, you’re going to send out one marketing message and your followers should remain unbothered.


(10) Stop Focusing Too Much On Numbers


While numbers do a great job of telling your progress, scrutinizing on it may make you second-guess your posts, consequently, making your shares inauthentic. Use Instagram the way it’s meant to be – a fun tool to connect with people. Focusing too much on the business aspect will show and they soon would lose interest.


The Bottom Line


Everyone has their share of reasons to unfollow you. Sometimes, it’s not about what you post or write… it could be anything.


However, understand that, if you’re getting followed, getting unfollowed is a must and beating yourself up about it is not the way to go. Do your best to implement the above tips and you’re well on your way.


How do YOU go about stopping people from unfollowing you? Let me know in the comments and I’d get back to you right away.



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