How to fix Instagram this was me verification loop – updated 2019

Here is our take on solving Instagram verification loop. The loop occurs when you keep confirming “this was me” on Instagram’s app or website, and still cant access your account on our tool. We believe this is Instagram silly solution to prevent users from using Instagram automation, and happens when they detect an account being used from its original home country IP and suddenly trying to access from another country ( different IP in a far location).

Ideally, this could be solved easily by using a proxy address matching the location, which might be almost impossible because finding a proxy that match your home city isn’t an option at most times. so what do you do?

1- Disable Two-Factor Authentication on your account from Instagram app

note: You may enable it after adding the account, until you need to re-add it.


2- Disable your account temporarily

Login to from your browser, head to “edit profile” , and at the bottom right click “temporary disable my account” , make sure you aren’t logged in anywhere else on that account for at least 3-4 hours.

note: disabling your account wont damage it, just make sure you don’t keep the account disabled for more than a month.


3- Attempt to add your Instagram account through the automation tool you are trying to add your account to, while using a proxy from your country or at least close to it if not possible. This will enable your account again and it should count he new IP as the home IP and avoid the verification loop.



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  • sef

    I tried to connect the bot using your method but it doesnt work still

  • basile

    Hi i cant register with my account i tried several times and said i was me on instagram but when i come back to the new account it dont work thanks for helping me out

    • Nicolas At

      follow the video guide on add account page, and as always contact us at to follow up, we have over 200 monthly accounts, if you face an issue it can be solved

  • Harshit Singh

    Hello i find you are the best one beacuse your price is very low but i can see you are not providing proxy , many bot providers uses “” proxy service to get never blocked by ig .
    P.s. Iam not promoting any website i like your site too much so i gave just a feedback

    • Nicolas At

      the proxies we provide are registered on site so users dont get access and use them somewhere else, when you add your account it will automatically pick a proxy from our list

  • Nicolas At

    in add account page on website, when you face this issue you have to follow the video guide and it will be solved