Finding ways to increase your followers on Instagram? Not just followers but quality followers, those who are not spammers or trying to increase their own follower count, but those who are genuinely interested in your content and appreciate the same. Well “#” a hashtag is a perfect way these days which can help you target more number of people and increase engagement with your content.


A hashtag is tailor made for Instagram, as it uses the symbol to filter and sort the content it receives. A hashtag has the probability of increasing engagement with your content up to 12.6%, basically a set of words, numbers or even emoji preceded by the symbol “#”, categorizes your post. In simple words by using a hashtag you can directly show your viewers what type of post you are posting and what is it related to. Like for example if you love food and are posting great pictures or stories relative to food then using the hashtag such as #goodfoodloversguide or #mustvisitiflovefood or #ilovefood and many more.


Using a hashtag in a post is definite to increase viewer’s engagement with your content. when a user clicks on a hashtag they are lead to a page with all posts tagged with the same hashtag. Eventually if you are regularly posting really great stuff you might end up with increased number of followers. Hence a good and appropriate hashtag can definitely help you in gaining a lot of followers on Instagram.

How To Get Followers On Instagram Quotes Page

There are many ways to find the right hashtag relative to your content these days. You can always take help of the following:


– Instagram Hashtag Generator, finds the most popular and trending hashtags for you

– Hashtagify, capable of finding popular and correlated content (according to your content)

– Ritetag, gives you suggestions for any topic of your choice, you can choose from the options it delivers

– Iconsquare, a set of analytical tools not only for Instagram but also for Facebook, which gives you all sorts of information about your online following and activities.


You can use any of the above-mentioned tools to increase engagement of Instagrammers for your posts and find the right and precise hashtag relative to your content. You can also take the help of following to find appropriate hashtag related to your posts:


– Instagram search function, just type a keyword relevant to your post and Instagram will itself suggest various hashtags that you can use.

– Trending hashtags, by following certain hashtags which are trending can be used easily

– Competitors or Influencers, you can also use generic hashtags that your competitors or certain influencers are using. Just ensure that you only use the generic ones and not the branded ones.


While using a hashtag for any of your posts or stories is really important to that you use generic and content related hashtags only. Nowadays Instagrammers can even follow a certain hashtag, hence if you are using any of them it increases your chances of gaining more followers. If you are posting good quality content regularly, they might turn to your page via the hashtags they had been following.



It is also very important to keep in mind that whenever you are creating your own hashtag please think and make sure that it makes sense so that you target the right type of viewers and followers and not spammers. Again, you need to also take care that you don’t use too many of them.


If you have a business profile on Instagram, you automatically get access to post insights. The post insights link you to the number of impressions you have received from a particular hashtag. Helping you in understanding which hashtags are actually increasing your reach and which are not.


Despite being really helpful in reaching out to as many people as you want, using too many hashtags in one single post my also lead to your post not getting viewed. Hence do remember that the quota for a regular post for hashtag’s is 30 that means you can use one 30 hashtags in a single post and 10 hashtags for a story. Be careful not to use unnecessary ones. Be precise or specific with all your hashtags.


Hashtags On Instagram – What You Should Know?


Here is a small gist or 10 tricks that you can implement and increase viewer engagement in Instagram while using the ideal hashtag for your posts.


1- Never use irrelevant hashtags

2- Use them when required. Not too many, not too low.

3- Use niche tags, it will help you to target quality audience who will really be interested in engaging with your content

4- Make sure your hashtag conveys what you mean to say

5- Hide hashtags, make sure you’re not overburdening users with too many irrelevant hashtags.

6- Using brand hashtags; a hashtag that is unique to your company or brand name. Created for a specific purpose these are really helpful to promote yourself or your company

7- Keeping your brand hashtags short and easy

8- Using emoji hashtags, easily catching your attention these emoji hashtags can sometimes stand in for entire words

9- Be thoughtful on what and how to use a hashtag

It’s all about the audience in the end. Like on any other social media platform it is very important to keep in mind what the target audience demands and what are you offering them.


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Fitness Motivation Hashtags


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