Are you ready to step up your content marketing game? If so, read on to learn
about the top content marketing trends of 2019.


Are you looking for ways to improve your company’s content marketing
initiatives? Do you feel that you’re running out of ideas to level up your strategies?
Then perhaps you need to look at the latest content marketing trends in the


More than half of businesses use content marketing, raising the competition bar
high. With new trends sprouting, you need to keep in step to stay ahead of the


Keep on reading below as we discuss some of the latest trends you can use to
boost your brand.


Content Marketing Trends to Watch Out For


The world of customer engagement is a dynamic one. As people’s needs and
preferences change, your marketing strategies should also evolve. Let’s take a look at
some of the top content marketing trends of 2019.


1. Relevant and Original

Content is king and for content to stand out, it must be relevant. It doesn’t matter
if you write your materials or hire content writers for articles. Your goal is to come up
with relevant content.


You want your content to connect to your target market. To do so, your blogs and
articles must be original. People want fresh and captivating ideas.
In addition, never engage in click-bait practices. People still prefer brands that
are honest and authentic.


2. Brand Collaborations

You can also expect more brands collaborating in terms of content.
Collaborations involve two brands that offer different products or services. The brands
tie up their services so their respective target markets can enjoy both of their services.
Collaborations may come in different forms. It can be collaborative case studies.
It can also be podcast interviews.


3. Interactivity

Interactive content will also make waves this year. Customers are looking for a
more personal connection with the brands they patronize. Building this connection
affects customers’ buying decisions.

For your part, interactivity and personalization help differentiate your brand from
the competition. It also spruces engagement, which strengthens relationships.


4. AI and Chatbots

Technology will continue to leave its imprints on content marketing through
artificial intelligence (AI). More companies will use chatbots and “intelligent assistants.”
This allows companies to connect with more customers faster.


5. Micro-Influencers

There will also be more companies tapping micro-influencers. These are not the
Hollywood superstars that promote all sorts of stuff. These are the local and national
leaders that belong to your niche.
These are the bloggers and online personalities that have their own following.
They can also be the people who belong to your own company.


6. Voice Search

Lastly, more companies will present voice search-ready content.  More people
are using Amazon Alexa and Google Home. The use of voice command will soon
dominate online searches.

Thus, you need to consider optimizing your content for voice search. The
challenge lies in keeping your content relevant. This way, voice assistants will
recommend your posts over others.


Go Beyond Content Marketing 


By keeping up-to-date with the latest content marketing trends, you can take your
brand to the next level faster. However, you still need to cover other areas to leave the
competition behind.

Continue reading our blogs and articles. We discuss different topics that you will
find useful in achieving your goals.