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Buying Instagram Likes vs. Using Automation: Which is Best?


The rise of marketing through social media is something that defines the way we represent brands and run businesses today. In this digital age, it’s highly important for any sort of company or organization to have an effective online presence. Without some sort of landing page, active social media profile, and a regular slew of updates on blogs, many brands would simply fizzle out and die unnoticed.


Luckily, having an online presence is not that demanding once you get the hang of it. It’s not even expensive since the major social media platforms are free for any internet user. Instagram is among the most popular of these, especially when it comes to the strong and diverse millennial generation. Users of Instagram can become highly lucrative audiences for anyone, be it a multinational corporation, a struggling startup, or a solo artist getting fame with their stories and snaps.


Getting on Instagram is not a challenge, then, but engaging potential leads certainly is. After all, there are only 24 hours in a day, and the average internet user’s attention span is declining as we speak. There are so many ventures jostling for attention that one simply needs a boost when it comes to increasing their post engagement. The two major ways of doing this are through either purchasing Instagram likes or using an automation tool.


Both methods could be useful in different ways, but which one is better? The discussion below may help you decide what’s best for your company:


Buying Instagram Likes


If you want to buy IG likes, you should keep in mind that this is a risky procedure, as it would lower engagement on your account. Instagram calculates the quality of your posts by how much of an engagement it gets within the first hours of posting and decide whether to show it to more people organically or not based on that, However, if you buy followers even through a safe network, you’re not going to get any engagement from these accounts as they are fake. When you buy followers with likes, usually you get a certain amount of likes on each post but from different accounts separate from these who were used to follow you, and at most times all at once few hours later, thereby it will alarm Instagram that there is something strange going on. Any close observer would be able to see that your likes are obviously automated. If you pick this route, make sure that the likes have fast post detection (software detects right away when you post content) and using a “drip feed” technology, which means you will get these likes distributed through 30-60 mins not instant so they look more natural.




The highlights of buying IG likes are as follows:

You get a fixed number of likes, which would boost an otherwise low-engagement post.

You would get a higher number of followers that can influence organic audiences to follow your profile as well.

The increased engagement of your activity would attract organic traffic and the audience you actually want to deal with (only when using drip feed technology and when delivered not more than an hour after you posted).



The likes you buy would probably be from fake profiles or people who are only interested in getting paid.

Your followers may only be after a follow from you themselves and may not genuinely engage with your posts.

Paid likes wouldn’t convert into sales, so if you’re running a business rather than just seeking IG popularity, you’re not going to achieve your end goal.

The likes you purchase may not really be breaking any laws, but it is an ethical problem. Customers usually don’t like to engage with businesses that use such fake shortcuts, so any advantage you do get would be greatly reduced by this negative PR.


Using Automation


Technology has now introduced an alternative to buying traffic and engagement on the platform, whether it’s likes or followers. This automation is an Instagram bot that allows users to automotive their IG activities. Through this service, you can technically divert IG users to any account you want, but it’s not really meant for this purpose.


The IG bot would help you out in your business activities by saving the time needed to get organic engagement or your content. This means that it would help to auto-follow, auto-like, auto-comment, or perform any other task that could be done on a sort of schedule. This way, you could set up your bot, direct it to do what you wish, and leave it on autopilot. This would potentially create a passive income stream for you, or at least get your customers to you without much additional effort.


The pros and cons of this Instagram bot would help us make a well-informed decision on the best method for our organization. These are listed below in order to make the visualization and context of this automation clear:




The IG bot would save you a lot of time, especially when it comes to mundane and repetitive tasks


This automation would make your account interact more with others, getting more people interested in following you, sharing your content, and engaging with it.


With the right provider, you would get excellent results in content engagement as well as converting leads into sales




You may miss out on some accounts that you’re really interested in because the bot neglected to follow it or unfollowed it without your permission. However, this wouldn’t happen with a high-quality service.


There needs to be proper management of the bot and the service should come from a reliable vendor. Otherwise, you risk making your Instagram actions seem spam0like and could risk lowered engagement.


You have to have an idea about limits to not abuse the tool and get your account flagged for spam.




The difference between buying IG likes and using a bot is clear. If you don’t have much time for scheduling your post and want some organic traffic, a bot would probably be the best option. Buying IG likes is just too blatant a practice that would probably not get any positive or beneficial results.


The automation option is sure to save you quite a bit of time. This may then be spent focusing on other aspects of your business or just taking some much-needed rest.


Even if you go get an automation service for your Instagram account, you should invest some personal time into your account as well. There’s simply no replacement for the human touch. This may be the digital age, but customers still appreciate it when you put in some effort instead of relying on shortcuts.