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There are numerous popular social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and others which have recently gained immense importance. Instagram is a powerful picture-based social media site which has managed to attract attention from masses of people across the globe in many ways. Millions of users post on this platform on a daily basis.


Instagram can be a great networking and marketing tool. Those who own online business and looking for effective ways to promote it would find this website quite useful. If you have a strong, large base of followers on Instagram, you are more likely to get noticed. A higher number of followers and likes helps you build a strong presence online. Through online exposure, you can promote your brand and business and increase sales and revenue.


One of the best ways to get more likes on Instagram is Auto Likes. The concept of getting automatic likes to our posts is innovative and beneficial. In this competitive space where a large number of businesses fight to capture the attention and interest of users, using an Instagram Auto Liker is quite unavoidable.



How Important are Instagram Likes?

Here are some of the important reasons describing the importance of Instagram likes:


Enhance Web Traffic


As one of the strongest and the most popular social media platforms, Instagram helps businesses increase their sales by attracting online traffic. Getting likes from real users increases the chances of getting more followers for the website and online business.


Stay Ahead of the Competitors


Due to the fierce competition existing in the present market, it is important that you increase your likes and followers on Instagram to get an edge over the competitors. Small, medium, as well as large scale businesses, often buy likes and followers to enhance their image and promote their products and services.


Improve Online Presence


Getting a lot of Instagram likes is vital to spreading the word about your business, building connections and getting noticed by more and more number of online users. This will benefit your business eventually. With an increased number of followers and likes on Instagram, more and more people will be interested in learning about your business.


Promote your Product/Service/Brand


Instagram is one of the most powerful marketing tools today. It can be used to share photos and videos including the brand advertisement to promote your product or service. This would help increase your brand visibility to a great extent and popularity of your site.


For the above-mentioned reasons, it is necessary for any business to get Instagram likes.


Common Methods to Get Instagram Likes


While many of the Instagram users and businesses prefer to adopt the organic route of getting followers and likes through engagement with the users, posting quality content, scheduling posts for strategic timing, many other users are tempted to use other methods.


Instagram is a highly competitive platform and using some inorganic methods to get more likes and followers is not bad. Here are the most common ways brands use to get Instagram likes:


Use of Apps


This is undoubtedly one of the most popular ways people get their like numbers to sky-high level on Instagram. You can search your app store for Instagram likes and you will see a number of apps designed to get you more likes. These apps typically work by earning points that you can spend to purchase likes for your posts. You earn these points by liking other people’s Instagram posts. This type of likes is not so meaningful unless you are simply interested in getting a bunch of likes for your post.


Buying Instagram Followers


Another way most brands use to get instant Instagram likes is purchasing followers. Technically, you get more likes if you have more followers. But the problem with this approach is that the purchased followers are often bots or dead accounts.


This is why they don’t engage with the content you post and you don’t see an increased number of likes. Thus, purchasing followers only give you an attractive stat on your profile. You deal with disengaged audience and won’t see any increase in the number of likes.


Using Instagram Automation


As a brand on Instagram, you may know that engagement is important. And it takes a lot to engage people. You should be actively liking, following and commenting on other posts to be liked and followed. This can be a time-consuming process and that is why people look for Instagram automation to take care of all the actions for them.


The idea is to actively engage with other Instagram accounts to increase your own engagement and following. In this method, bots like photos on your behalf, follow people on your behalf and even comment. This engagement intends to increase your following with real accounts which you don’t get when you buy followers.



What is Instagram Auto Like?


An Instagram Auto Like can be either a service running on the server or a program dedicated to the computer. The service uses your Instagram account to automatically like and follow other users on the platform. The service can often do much more than automatic liking, they allow auto DMs, auto follows and more. One can either subscribe to online Instagram auto like services or purchase a software and install on the computer.


It is the popularity of your posts on Instagram that makes you relevant and noticed and Instagram Auto Like can help you achieve this. You just need to choose a bot that you like. It then ensures that all your posts get a huge number of likes and remain on top, thus bringing you a lot of followers. This system is becoming very popular as people are busy and it has become a lot more difficult to get organic traffic. As a business owner, you are responsible for a lot of things and adding Instagram likes and following to your list can be overwhelming. An Instagram auto like service comes handy in such a situation.


Instagram Auto Likes Vs Organic Likes


Ever since Instagram changed the algorithm to display posts from those accounts that you interact with, influencers and businesses have started complaining about finding it harder to get likes and followers. As businesses use the social media platform to generate traffic and revenue, they suffer a lot from changes in the algorithm. Instagram is a preferred platform to earn income. And the path is really simple – grow a following to increase exposure and get business. As Instagram makes the process of reaching out to users difficult, many users resort to other techniques to quicken it. These involve Auto Likes.


While Auto Like may appear to be a black hat technique, it is actually similar to organic liking with a difference. Auto Like service takes care of your Instagram activity so that you can save time and effort to create some nice content. You just have to tell the bots what accounts, niche and hashtags you want to follow. With this information, it starts following the accounts and performs a specific number of likes and follows so that it appears to be natural.


Just like real likes from real people, Auto Likes come from real accounts but they are not aware of what the post is about and are not really interested in your post. However, as the likers are from your niche, other people will notice their activity and are likely to come and check out your account and post. This would give you some organic likes and followers who are actually interested in your content and engage with you. Thus, while putting effort and time to get real organic likes is difficult, auto likes can help you make the process easier and get you exposure on Instagram with ease, without violating any rules of the platform.



Advantages of Auto Likes on Instagram

There are many benefits of using Instagram Auto Likes automated service:


Saves Time

Using an Instagram Auto Likes service, you save a lot of time. It can save you time that you would otherwise spend on liking posts yourself or using engagement groups. With automated service, you can spare and devote time to other tasks which are more important.


Saves Effort

Imagine going through hundreds of posts and double tapping to like the post one after the other. Once you like a few dozens of posts, it will become cumbersome and boring. And if you had to do this every day, it would just seem impossible. But with Instagram Auto Like services, you get rid of doing all this manually. You get Instagram likes on all the posts without putting any effort.


Cost Effective

Auto Likes services are often cost-effective and affordable. They often provide customized solutions that provide a huge number of automated likes and follows for a reasonable price. The time and effort you save from the automation and the benefits reaped make this option cost-effective.


Boosts Popularity

Auto Likes service boosts popularity within your niche by acquiring likes on Instagram. You can increase your follower base instantly. This automated method gives a huge boost to your online presence, increasing traffic and sales for your business.


How to Get Auto Likes on Instagram?


Instagram lives on likes. The more people you get to like your posts, the more your brand grows in terms of following and engagement. Every business or personal account holder on Instagram would want to maximize the like potential to get more out of the platform. Automatic Likes can help you achieve this by getting likes on your posts from real accounts. These likes and followers would help you get exposure and grow your brand to an organic audience. The reason Auto Likes service works is that Instagram is about creating an online presence, reputation and image.


Auto Likes involves bots that get you likes from real people, in an inorganic way. They did not discover your content and don’t know about your brand. They like your posts because you paid to get likes. But this helps because when you get a handful of likes through bots, other people would come to see what it is about. And if the content is great, they will like it too. Likes coming from auto likes service can be a great starting audience. One can use it to grow without being afraid of getting penalized.


The Best Instagram Auto Likes Service


There are numerous options available when you choose to use an Instagram Auto Likes service. However, there are some considerations that help you select the right one.


Consider Long-Term Auto Like Services


You may come across auto likers that allow you to automate your Instagram liking for a limited period of time. For example, if you pay for a week, you will not be able to use the bot after one week. This can hurt your account. Numbers on your account will start fluctuating and your bot will become a weakness for you. Your account will suffer if you don’t use it. You should look for an auto liker that gets you real likes even when you stop using the bot. Your account should do well in the absence of the service as well.


Select a Company that Gives Organic Traffic


An ideal auto like service analyzes your profile and account to find out what your business is about and get likes on posts that relate to your business. These bots ensure that each of the likes counts and bring a real lead.


Check the Server


See that the server of the Instagram auto liker is stable. This stability increases the chances of seeing results from your effort. Checking online reviews is a great way to confirm that the server is working well. It is important to check the server to be able to rely on the service for effective results.


With all the above-mentioned features, Hashtagpirate stands out to be the best choice for an Instagram auto like service.


What do i need to start

You need to have one proxy for each account, you cant use the same IP for more than an account as it will be specious activity for Instagram. Proxy providers usually charge $1-$5 per proxy, depends on the location, the type and other factors. Read more about Instagram proxies



Hashtagpirate – Getting Started


Hashtagpirate is an Instagram auto liker service that uses your Instagram account to like other posts on the platform. The service also takes care of follows, DMs and much more for you. This tool can provide auto likes to grow your Instagram profile into a highly influential one. With the features and offerings of this tool, one can take the brand to new levels.


Deleting Older Posts

An old post with only a few likes should be deleted. A good automation tool like Hastagpirate can automatically do this without effort on your part. Keeping posts with lesser engagement can affect your account adversely as suggested by the Instagram algorithm.


Deleting older posts makes sure anybody visiting your profile gets access to high-engagement posts only. This would improve your reputation and ensure they keep liking and engaging with future posts.


Automatic Comment Reactions


When done appropriately using positive comments and including enough options for the bot to rotate through, automatic commenting can work effectively without coming out as fake. The engagement with the comments also matters in addition to the number of likes and comments on the post. Likes on comments and other reactions can be a type of engagement which helps the account to grow.


Likes and reactions on comments can get appreciation from people as you find time to interact with them. This would encourage them to engage more with your content and contribute to growing your following. Automating reactions to comments is more customized and direct than simple likes and reactions on posts.


Unlimited Audience


When you have an automatic likes system, you get a lot of attention from several users on the platform. The audience can thus be quite unlimited. It is possible to use the tool frequently to get more likes. This would increase your account popularity and encourage people to follow your account to stay updated.


The more likes you have, the more your posts are likely to show up. As more and more users see your posts because of their friends and followers, a larger number of people engage with your content. The attention you get this way is not comparable to any other means of marketing.


Marketing Value


Getting automatic likes on your Instagram account serves as a marketing tool. Paying for ads that show in the middle of the videos or news feed can get some brand exposure. But these interruptions bring you irritability. Auto like is a subtle, safe and effective way to get attention without asking. When users see the high level of engagement with your post, they would be curious to know what’s going on. This would tempt them to follow your account, thereby increasing your followers. You can create a cycle of boosting your reputation and getting more followers.


Giving Back


The Hashtagpirate system not only gets likes for you but also gets likes for other posts and accounts on your behalf. When other accounts see that you like and engage with their content, they are likely to comment, like or reply back. This would get you a lot of organic traffic. Liking a content may encourage a visit from the account owner and there are chances that you get more likes or follow this way. More the photos your account likes per hour automatically, more responses you get.


With this strategy, your Instagram account is sure to flourish. The account also follows the hashtags you are interested in. By liking more content of your interest, the experience becomes better with each day.



Buying Instagram Likes Versus Auto Likes


Buying Instagram Likes and Followers is one of the most common methods of growing an account. When you buy Instagram likes, multiple fake accounts are created and your content is liked by them. There are multiple services selling Instagram likes. This method, while it gives you some stats to show, doesn’t do anything good to your brand. This is because all the likes and followers you get are from fake or inactive accounts that promise no interaction.


Engagement is what Instagram considers when featuring your content on the Explore page. This is how your content can go viral on the platform. Another problem with buying likes is that it is easy to see through. When your photo is liked by multiple fake accounts with no picture and interaction give you a red flag and report a sign of suspicious activity. Your account is likely to get banned or suspended for this activity.


Auto Likes, on the other hand, uses the principle of ‘follow for follow’ and is a better way to succeed on Instagram. Automation offers features like following accounts in your niche, following back the users that follow you, like high-quality images to get you more followers and exposure, comment on interesting posts in your niche and delete older posts automatically for you to save you time and effort that you can spend on creating some good content.




Auto liking on Instagram is not a spam. There are numerous services offering bots to like Instagram posts on your behalf. Nobody would want to deny likes on their photos and thus, auto like is a useful tool and an important part of social media marketing. With such a powerful system, Hashtagpirate helps you automatically follow accounts of your interest, increase your following and enhance your online exposure. This would help you achieve your business goal and let you enjoy the power of social media by increasing your sales.


The concept of auto likes on Instagram is an innovation – much like all sorts of automations are. We want to automate everything, from our refrigerator to our emails to our bill payments. Getting Instagram likes is also something that we would like to get automated and served to us on a platter.


While many may prefer the organic route of getting likes through engaging with followers, scheduling posts at strategic times, and having quality content, Instagram Auto is now a definite thing. After all, this is a highly competitive social media platform, with several companies and organizations all clamoring to capture the limited attention span of Internet users.




To start now using an auto liker click here to register with Hashtagpirate

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