Automating all your tasks across all social media platforms is the thing to do these days. Automation not only aids you in managing your day-to-day tasks but is considered to be really efficient in generating likes and followers for you Instagram account.


There are many options available these which help in growing your Instagram presence. One such service is Ampfluence, which is an automation service designed to manage your Instagram accounts.



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Ampfluence Reviews:


Ampfluence = Amplify + Influence, which claims to be a 100% human driven Instagram marketing engine. They target specific users with your Instagram account and later use them and engage with them with on your behalf.


Their most unique feature is that they provide guarantee for their work, every month they give you a set of goals and if they fail to achieve them, they themselves give you the option of either to process your refund on a pro-rated difference calculated on the base of how much they underperformed or they promise to over-perform next month. Though it is not as good as a full money back guarantee scheme but still a much better option with which you get something instead of nothing at all.


Ampfluence focuses on providing the following four primary benefits to their users:


– A targeted approach:like other Instagram marketing services, Ampfluence will not just throw engagement at anyone who could potentially benefit you, instead they undertake a thorough research and determine the right kind of audience based on your profile, who will actually be beneficial for your brand in the long run. They claim that Instagram marketing is not their goal, but as a service provider the quality of audience is more important for them.


– Exposure: their aim is to connect your brand and establish your business in front of highly relevant audience, and not provide a broad spectrum of low value showcase.


– Attention: they design your marketing structure in such a way that it captures the targeted audience’s attention rather than exploit etiquette or employ any short-term techniques like clickbait.


– Influence: they ensure that as you grow by using their services, you can easily gain Instagram influence and can leverage your position for further brand success.



They use an https secure website, with clear and visible pricing structure. They have also added a FAQ page and also have a verified payment gateway.


They offer 3 different monthly packages, which are not cheap either.


1. $119 per month – it will actively seek out content in your niche to like and comment on. They will do some basic research to target the relevant audience, but they don’t guarantee results with this package


2. $149 per month – apart from all the features of the previous package, they provide guarantee for their work and claim to gain you 250-500 new followers per month


3. $249 per month – in this package they will assign you a dedicated account manager and will double the potential growth apart from guaranteeing 500-1000 new followers per month


They require you to keep your account active with at least 10 posts per month. And they also want you to reply to comments manually whenever possible, as their automatic comments are good for outreach but not internal engagement.


No matter what you choose, non-of the plans guarantee the longevity of the followers or to the quality of your engagement.


How does Ampfluence Work?


The very first step after you sign up with Ampfluence is the process of Consultation. An Ampfluence agent will connect with you and go over your profile and your desired set of goals that you wish to achieve. They will discuss everything, from what you have done in the past, what activities have resulted in your growth and what not and what all opportunities you have at present. They will then create a customized strategy, considering all of the above personalized factors.


The second step is Research, they will thoroughly research your niche and figure out what type of content is being posted, its performance and will look for the most influential users.


Reaching out to the most relevant Instagram users will be the third step. They will use your account to either like or comment on content relevant to your business. It should be noted that Ampfluence does not follow accounts on a broad spectrum, instead they will only follow those accounts or influencers who are actually relevant to your niche.


One thing that you should know before you start using Ampfluence is that it is not an official Instagram marketing partner. Which implies that the scheduling that they do is handled in the way past post scheduling is handled, either with delayed push notifications and manual submissions or by giving your account information to their representatives. The API based scheduling is only available to Instagram’s official partners.


Is Ampfluence Safe?


Like many other Instagram marketing services, if Ampfluence actually does what it claims to, then it is definitely one of the safest services to use unless you abuse the system.


Ampfluence Promo Code:


You can avail 10% off on your first purchase by using the code “10percentoff” in their website,


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For any service you use it is recommended that you start with the smallest package, use it for a month and then evaluate for yourself. It is not recommended to heavily invest in something that you cannot trust or that has not yet been tested.