Whether you’re a guitarist, vocalist or sound producer, Instagram is a great place to promote your work. Sure, there are many other social media platforms that you can opt for, but Instagram happens to be the only one that fuels on visual content. And with the addition of IGTV, you now have all the tools and functions to display your work and market your brand.


But if you really want to dominate Insta, you’re going to need some new tricks up your sleeve. Here are some effective tips that will get you noticed in no time.


1. Create Your Own Hashtags

create instagram hashtags


Now, it totally makes sense to hop aboard current trends, but you need to recognize the importance of cultivating your own brand first. Creating your own hashtag is part of building your brand identity on the platform. Come up with something that’s utterly unique, short and catchy at the same time.


Ideally, your post shouldn’t have more than 15 to 20 hashtags so take your best shot and opt for the ones that are industry relevant. Avoid using hashtags that are too generic since they won’t help your post do any better.


To learn more about targeting hashtags, check out this detailed guide on how to grow your brand on Instagram.



2. Go Live!


Followers like it when you create content that’s engaging. So what could possibly get more interactive than a live session? Talk to followers, offer them advice or just show them around your studio. People like being part of the process, and that’s primarily why showing them a glimpse of what goes behind the scenes can be interesting.

You can also do a quick Q&A session, review your favorite products, talk about your musical journey, introduce yourself, show off your favorite instruments – the list is practically endless. However, it would probably be a good idea if you conducted a poll to decide when to go live. This will ensure that maximum followers are able to view your content.



3. Reply to Your DMs and Comments


This is one of the first rules of customer service, and some bits of it also applies to some aspects of social media if you’re promoting your services. Go the extra mile and reply to your comments and direct messages. Better yet, sending your top fans direct messages to update them about new gigs. Doing so will help you establish a relationship of trust and credibility which is very much important if you want to promote your music on Instagram.


This is an excellent way to grow your community and make new friends. Here are 11 more actionable tips from Victor Bailey.



4. Say Yes to Collabs

how to instagram collab


Normally, artists are advised to watch out for their competition but that’s not how it works with Instagram. Sure, that doesn’t mean you don’t pay attention to what they’re doing but establish a friendlier relationship while you’re at it.


Reach out to similar folks in the industry for collabs. You can also lure some of their followers by commenting on posts. This is a neat strategy to build your tribe and get more attention.


Also watch out for popular trends and hashtags that your fellows are using.  All these are ways to gather points for market research. Also, keep in mind that each niche is different so you’ll have to reach out to influencers according.


Bonus: Learn about fitness and motivation Instagram hashtags.



5. Churn Out Quality Content

quality instagram music content


Depending on your goals, keep in mind that Instagram is all about great visuals. Consider hiring a professional photographer when you’re touring or out for one of your gigs. Your photographs and videos need to be exceptional (great captions are a BONUS).


And just as important is it to create great content, quantity and quality go hand in hand here. Consider using a scheduling app so that you have your entire week planned out. Always take extra photographs so that you can line up content for later. We wouldn’t recommend you post too much from the same setting so be smart with the way you



6. Promote Your Instagram Handle


instagram automation


When it comes to promoting your Instagram handle, the most common platforms often appear to be Facebook, Twitter and maybe SnapChat. Now, here’s where you’re going wrong. Consider promoting your handle on Spotify or any other website that you use to upload your music. You see, Spotify allows you to set up social media links on your profile. Use this space carefully as people are going to want to reach out to you if they like your music.


This is will also enable you to create a long term relationship with fans you would have otherwise never looked up your social media accounts.



7. Ask For Content Suggestions


Whenever you can, step out of your comfort zone and ASK your followers what they’d like to see more. Perhaps they are more interested in knowing where you get all your gear from or perhaps these fellow Instagrammers have a couple of questions about the industry.


Instagram allows you to create a poll and ask questions on your stories. Value whatever insight you’re able to get and make good use out of it.



8. Play it Fair


So a lot of influencers host a follow for follow session only to unfollow a majority of people afterward. Don’t opt for such tactics as it can ruin your image online. Similarly, steer clear from buying followers and hosting false giveaways just to seek attention. Asking for shout-outs is also not a good strategy since it might cause you to look overly desperate. Remember, great things don’t come easy so don’t be looking for short-cuts because it might take a while before you see results. In essence, that’s how all forms of digital marketing work.


Follow these tips if you want to organically grow your follower’s list and promote your work online. Is there something you’d like to add? Tell us in the comments section below.


And if you’re looking for experts to leverage your Instagram account, feel free to reach out to us!