How to add your Instagram account

To start growing your account, the first step is adding your account on our website, to do so, follow these steps:

  • Disable Two-Factor Authentication on your account from Instagram app


  • You may enable it after adding the account, until you need to renew the token.


1- Add your Instagram username and password from the dashboard


2- If you are outside the US, or from another state, you will get the following message as a security measure from Instagram for attempting to login from a different location, you will be asked to verify login by sending you a code to your email, and then on second attempt, you will have to login and verify the attempt was done by you as we continue the guide.


3- Login to your Instagram account from or from the app


4- Instagram will send you a pin code to your email, enter pin code to continue


5- Attempt to add your account on our website again (step 3)


6- Depending on your location, you might need to do step 9 if you get the following message again


7- Login to your Instagram account from or from the app


8- Confirm login attempt was yours by clicking It was me


9- Now you have the required permissions to add your account


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