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How to Target Misspelled Keywords for Instagram traffic?

With SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on the rise and websites trying to achieve the best possible ranking on popular search engines such as Google, competition for ranking keywords has become strenuous. That being said, people make typos and spelling mistakes while searching for keywords almost 10-15 percent of the time they look up a query. The question now arises, can this be used to optimize search results as well?

Before getting down to discussing whether or not misspellings may be optimized and how, it is essential to identify the commonly misspelled words or typos related to your website. Let’s take a generic example. The words isnt or isnta have been identified as one of the common misspellings or typos used for the term Insta meaning Instagram. Before SEO optimizing these commonly misspelled keywords on Google, you ought to research and analyze them in detail.

Research & Analysis

Looking at our example, people are most likely to misspell Instagram or Insta with isnt or isnta, but these are not the only two misspellings. Hence, no matter which keyword you are targeting, you must figure out via research what other misspellings can be possible for it by following the steps listed below:

  1. Look through website logs to find out how people generally misspell the term when searching for queries or information regarding it. These keywords may be found using tools like Google Analytics and Google Webmaster.
  2. The quickest and easiest method of looking for misspellings is by doing it yourself. Nothing beats the authenticity of a first-hand experience. You can see for yourself how Insta may be misspelled as insat, isnt, isnta, or intsa when typing in a hurry.
  3. Another method of identifying misspellings such as these is with the help of a typo generator. By simply feeding keywords into this typo generator, you can fetch a list of potential misspellings that you can target through optimization.

As soon as potential misspellings for the keywords have been identified, the next stage is called analyzing, which helps identify whether or not each search term is worth targeting for optimization. Analysis requires the following essential steps:

  1. For analyzing misspelled words like isnt and isnta, Google AdWords Keyword Planner tool can be used to review the search volume for each misspelling that has been identified during the research stage. Google AdWords facilitates an automatic match for misspellings and other variants.
  2. You also need to check SERP for each misspelled keyword, which might suggest other spellings of the word. If the suggestions show the correct word, it’s no use optimizing for that misspelled keyword as the user would simply click on the suggestion. However, if the suggestions don’t show the correct word, it’s the perfect misspelling to optimize.
  3. It is important to analyze the competition for the misspellings and evaluate your position for ranking among all that cut-throat competition.

Optimizing Typos and Misspelled Keywords

As soon as misspelled keywords have been identified and their frequency and search volumes have been established in the previous stages, the next phase is to target these in your search engine optimization efforts. This may be done using one of the many ways that have been suggested below:

  1. Typos and misspellings (such as isnt and isnta) for the actual keyword (Insta in this case) may be added within user-generated content on the website. This is particularly useful for websites that have supplementary blogs or discussion/community forums. The misspelled words within comments will not take any credibility away from the original website content.
  2. Misspelled words like isnt and isnta may be added alongside correctly spelled variants in a separate section dedicated to ‘often or commonly misspelled as …’ phrases.  All typos or misspelled keywords may be put together under this section.
  3. Another method is to keep misspelled words such as isnt and isnta on your webpage and build links to it using typos in the anchor texts. This is yet another method that makes no compromise on the actual website’s credibility since the misspellings have been placed on other sites. This may not be easy to achieve as all websites aim to be credible and, thus, creating links with other sites could be a challenge in itself.
  4. Special micro-sites may be built in order to cater to the misspelled terms if linking these to other websites becomes a task beyond achievement. These micro-sites may be registered on the same domain names if possible, giving you additional advantage in search engine ranking. Whenever someone enters the wrong URL, your website will be able to tap some type-in traffic as a result.
  5. In addition to website optimization for misspelled keywords like isnt and isnta, these may as well be added to paid search campaigns. These campaigns will not occupy much of your precious time and will enable testing the misspelled keywords for traffic to see if the investment is worth all this effort or not.
  6. Another method for targeting misspelled keywords is by placing them on the website. If you decide to take this route, make sure the placement of these misspelled keywords is not too visible. Based on personal experience, wrong spellings and typos can reduce the credibility of the website and ruin the first impression for potential visitors. For ecommerce websites, this could be a potential turn-off for customers.
  7. Misspelled keywords can also be included as part of the URL, title tag, header tag, content or navigation. This calls for optimizing your website or page for the identified misspellings or typos. Once again, you will be giving away the credibility tag when attempting to optimize misspellings.

Using any of the methods mentioned above, misspelled keywords may be successfully targeted and optimized. Given the frequency of typos and misspellings, websites can surely tap into this niche to achieve better search engine rankings.


What Does IG Mean?

Instagram has soared as the most used app in the present era of selfies, photo-sharing, editing and reposting. For those of you who are not well-versed on what Instagram is about and all that it entails, this introduction will cover the major facts about Instagram or IG, as you may call it.

Instagram is an online social networking company that was founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in October 2010. The company has its headquarters in San Francisco, California. Instagram is now owned by the social media giant Facebook. Instagram is a social media application that allows one to share photos and videos with their followers. These followers are friends, family members and even popular names in the fashion or art industry, celebrities in general.

Instagram has over 500 million daily active users. 80 percent of the Instagram users and profiles are from outside the USA. Its users like more than 4.2 billion posts in a day on average. Over 60 percent of these users use the app daily, which makes it the second most frequently used app after Facebook, based on daily statistics.

IG is a simple app that is easy and fun to use with a user-friendly interface that people of all age groups can maneuver easily. It can be downloaded for free on most mobile platforms including Android and iOS. All you need to do is create an account and start posting your selfies using a range of filters and frames. Instagram photos can now be shared across other linked accounts as well such as Facebook and Snapchat.

Now, it’s time to make a revelation for those of you wondering, what does IG mean? IG is an abbreviation that millennials and gen Z use to refer to Instagram. A further explanation for calling Instagram IG will be discussed later in the article.

Instagram – A Brief History

After having established the much-anticipated IG meaning, let’s discover the origins of the popular internet term Instagram. Instagram got its name from a combination of two words that precisely describe the functioning of this popular social media application.

Instant Camera and Telegram = Instagram

The term Instagram is, thus, a portmanteau of these two terms and works well for a name that is both short and easy to pronounce. However, this was not the actual name given to this application. The first name suggested by Systrom had been Burbn for he had an inclination toward whiskeys and bourbons. Once the application had been simplified to features like photos, comments and likes, the founders decided to coin a new and simplified name for the app which was self-explanatory, resulting in Insta + Gram.

Systrom’s passion for photography and the art of using cameras led to the original Instagram logo design, and the name Instagram was chosen to represent this social networking app. Instagram fit perfectly with the app’s ability to apply stylistic filters, frames and effects to otherwise plain and boring photos. Thus, to respond to those asking, ‘What does IG mean?’, IG originated from Instagram which was initially called Burbn.

According to various sources, while the two founders were busy simplifying the already complicated app name Burbn by scraping off certain features, another prototype was created under the name of Scotch. Further simplifications and amendments led to the birth of what is today known as IG, meaning Instagram.

Instagram or IG?

The young generation of the modern world relies heavily on the use of internet slangs. There is an abbreviation for every application used around the world. A few of these abbreviations have been created and made viral by users themselves.

In the present era, anything and everything can become the new trend with a simple click on the internet. Internet has enabled connectivity and social networking to such an extent that any one trend can pick up pace on a global level in a matter of a few minutes. This has been the case with the term IG meaning Instagram, just like the short version of Facebook is FB. So, next time you hear the term IG, you know it’s Instagram that people are referring to.

Another reason why the term IG has picked up pace as a substitute for the term Instagram is the increasing reliance on short messages for creating hashtags. The phenomenon of hashtags is yet another one that has been embraced by all social media enthusiasts.

Hashtag is a metadata tag which is used on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and microblogging sites. Using a hashtag enables users to apply dynamic, user-generated tagging which may be accessed and viewed by all those using the same hashtag. You can find messages, pictures, videos and posts related to any specific hashtag at once. This has been yet another reason why people have succumbed to shorter versions of everyday lingo. For instance, a popular hashtag used on IG is #OOTD, i.e., Outfit of the Day.

Instagram – The Popular Choice of Most Celebrities

Needless to mention, Instagram has also become one of the most popular apps among celebrities. It was Instagram that allowed us to meet Kylie Jenner’s newborn daughter Stormie. Kylie Jenner alone has over 100 million followers on IG, and it has been the basis of popularity and acclaim for over a hundred thousand bloggers for lifestyle, food, makeup and other similar ecommerce websites.

Other celebrities with massive following on Instagram include Selena Gomez (133 million), Cristiano Ronaldo (121 million), Ariana Grande (117 million), Beyoncé (111 million), and Kim Kardashian (108 million). It’s a never-ending list.

Hence, the next time you hear someone write or say IG, do not respond with, “What does IG mean?” We have established what it means, how it came into being and why the app is worth giving a shot if you haven’t already signed up.


Why Is Everyone Searching for Chris Brown’s Instagram?

The 29-year-old American, actor, singer and songwriter has taken the internet by a storm yet again, but only this time he seems to have avoided confrontation, which has led to people searching for Chris Brown IG.

Chris Brown began his singing career back in 2005 when he was only 16 years. The talented singer released hit albums one after another, mesmerizing the world with his singing charm and an upbeat personality.

He has given the American pop and R&B culture smashing hits such as ‘Run It!’, ‘Yo (Excuse Me Miss)’, ‘Gimme That’ and the collaborative single ‘Poppin’ with none other than the rap guru himself, Lil Wayne. Chris Brown has also been the youngest artist to have hit awards like BET’s New Artist, Teen Choice ‘s Male Breakout Artist, Billboard’s Male Artist of the Year, New Artist of the Year and Soul Train’s Best R&B Soul New Artist.

As if singing was his only forte! Chris brown has given his beloved fans more than just super-hit, record-smashing tracks. He has also starred in big-screen pictures such as ‘This Christmas’ and ‘Stomp the Yard’, leaving his already huge fanbase in awe with every performance.

It is no wonder why an accomplished artist such as Chris Brown remains on the headlines every now and then, but it is not just his singing or acting abilities that enable him to be the talk of the town. It also has to do with his bold, fearless and sometimes extremely honest comments made to other celebrities on Instagram, Twitter and other social media. Recently, the internet is going crazy looking for Chris Brown Instagram.

News has it that Chris Brown has deactivated his Instagram account in April of this year following an embarrassing comment that he posted on Karrueche Tran’s picture. Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran began dating in 2011 and the relationship, like every other, had its ups and downs. Things had been rough between the couple and they finally split in 2015 owing to various reasons, one being Brown’s ex- girlfriend – the goddess Rihanna.

Chris Brown IG Missing

The recent news regarding Chris Brown’s missing IG has made fans frantic about why the bold singer/actor resorted to such an extreme move after the so-called embarrassing comment on his ex-girlfriend’s Instagram picture.

Recently, Brown’s ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran poster her vacation picture with Victor Cruz, her current boyfriend and her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown showed up to post a comment on the couple’s very-much-in-love romantic vacation photo.

Chris generously made two comments on the picture. The first one showed an emoji of a man walking away from a couple, which was clearly one hell of a shady move from Brown. Next up, he wrote ‘goals’ in capital letters.

Brown’s comments caught attention from fans as well as haters from around the world, calling his comments embarrassing, booing the singer, and asking him to move on and get a life. Some people went as far as saying, ‘Damn he obsessed,’ and disregarded his comments for being petty.

The American singer responded to such backlash by deactivating his Instagram account. This reaction from Brown was deeply felt by his supporters and fans who rushed to Twitter asking him to reactivate his account, calling the whole Tran incident stupid media trying to affect a relationship that’s long over.

However, the question remains, is Brown really obsessed? Did he take the ‘move on’ suggestion to his heart and responded to the retaliation by deactivating his Instagram?

This extent of resentment is nothing new or major to Chris Brown. There have been multiple times in the past that Brown has made it to the headlines by making comments on pictures that were shunned by many fans and supporters. Statistics show there are 22,000 monthly google searches for Chris brown’s Instagram in the US alone.

Brown’s Unwavering Past of Controversial Comments

Back in 2017, another one of Chris Brown controversies that broke the internet was regarding a comment he made on ex-girlfriend Rihanna’s Instagram picture. Rihanna posted a dazzling picture of herself, flaunting her curves in a jewel-encrusted bikini with turquoise blue locks – a major body-goals picture that was from the 2017 Crop Over festival in Barbados.

Brown took to Rihanna’s Instagram by posting the eye emoji, which seemed inappropriate for the moment, given the past that Brown and Rihanna share. Rihanna had been Brown’s girlfriend from 2006 till 2009 and their relationship ended after Rihanna revealed Brown’s extent of domestic violence with her filling assault charges against Brown in 2009. Hence, there is every reason for fans to react to his comments the way they did. People resorted to calling Chris Brown a dumbass who had the audacity to post such a comment, and some even asked him to stay the hell away from Rihanna in anguish.

However, this is not all. Chris Brown Instagram handle has been spotted on several other female celebrities’ Instagram accounts, posting daring and sometimes inappropriate comments or emoji on figure-flaunting pictures such as those of Cara Delevingne and Zendaya.

In yet another incident in 2018, the young singer/actor was faced with another internet backlash when fans spammed Chris Brown’s IG with comments asking him to tag them when reposting their videos and pictures. Fans‘ only request was to acknowledge them through tags as Chris had been posting their videos and pictures on his page without any credit, but the 29-year-old singer bashed out saying, ‘Do not bitch and moan about a tag!’

Following this outburst from Brown, his fans called him a ‘narcissistic jackass’ and was using the celebrity card to get away without tagging people for their original work.

This settles the fact that a little backlash never hurt Chris Brown. This is why his reaction to posting an embarrassing comment on Tran’s adorable Instagram photo with her new boyfriend has left fans and supporters wondering, and this has got them looking for Chris Brown Instagram everywhere.


How to Delete Instagram Photos?

Instagram is a great photo sharing site that came into existence only a few years back. Since its launch in the market, it has been really popular among all age groups of people. Starting from young people to grown-up adults, we all love to use Instagram because of its unique features. Unlike the other social media platforms, Instagram is a bit different. Here you can only upload your photos and videos which make it all the more interesting. Also, Instagram is a great platform for showcasing your talent and promoting your business. It is because of all these reasons that Instagram has become such a popular platform in today’s time. But there is one thing that we all Instagram followers have noticed, it takes longer to delete the photos from the app. Today, in this article we are going to find out how to delete Instagram photos quickly.

Fastest way to delete

As we all know Instagram is a platform where we can upload as many photos as we want. But there are times when we may want to delete most of our photos for several reasons. Instagram doesn’t allow you to delete multiple photos in one go. Therefore, the process of deleting photos from Instagram is a slow one and may take a lot of time when you have a lot of photos to delete. But did you know that there are certain services such as hashtagpirate, with the help of which you can delete photos faster from Instagram? Services such as this help you to delete all photos at one go and thus, it’s a much faster way than to use Instagram to delete your photos.

Here is how

All you need to do is as follows:

1- Visit and create an account.

2- Head to Instagram Accounts page

3- Click Add New, Enter your Instagram log-in id and password and click Submit in order to add your account.

  • If you face checkpoint required error, follow the guide here

4- Head to Auto Activity page, and click Add new

5- Select Your Instagram Account from the top, then head down below to To Do section and select Delete Media

  • Note: please make sure to disable any unwanted options like Like, Comment , etc

6- Select the speed of which you delete photos, please notice Instagram have certain limit on deleting pictures, we suggest to keep the settings on slow .

7- Head down at the bottom of the page and click Submit

8- You can follow up on the operation in auto activity page

9- Click Stop to stop deleting photos when you are done, that’s it.

It is a very useful service for those who want to delete pictures as quick as possible from their account, specially for people who keep on deleting all photos every now and then. With the help of hashtagpirate, they do not have to waste time .

What is an Online Instagram Bot Service?

An Instagram bot is a service that is designed to assist you with performing various actions on the social media site. These actions include:

  • Commenting
  • Liking
  • Following
  • Posting
  • Direct messaging
  • Follow backs
  • Auto unfollowing

These bot services perform these tasks via automation. The purpose of an Instagram bot service is to free up your time while still allowing you to gain the most from your Instagram account. With these bots, you can insert specific parameters, such as accounts and hashtags that you would like to target, and then the bot does all the work for you.

Top Instagram Bots Price Comparison, Winner

When it comes to Instagram bots, you have a lot of options to choose from. These bots help you generate more followers by automatically posting, liking, commenting, following, following back, and sending direct messages. They free up your time by eliminating the need to attend to these tasks on your own.

To take advantage of Instagram bots, you do have to pay a fee. These fees can vary significantly. Generally, the less you pay, the poorer the quality will be. However, that’s not the case with . In fact, this Instagram bot charges the most affordable prices compared to other bots and offers the highest quality services.


Instagram Profile Picture Size Guide

With more than 800 million active users, Instagram is one of the most widely used social media platforms around. To ensures users are getting the most out of their experience, the site changes the dimensional requirements for profile pictures on a regular basis.

At present time, profile pictures display as 110 x 110 pixel images on the mobile app. On desktop devices, profile images will appear a bit larger, which is why uploading an image that is 180 x 180 pixels is recommended. Doing so will ensure that your image maintains the highest quality on both mobile and desktop devices.

How to Send Auto Instagram Direct messages Using hashtagpirate

One of the easiest ways to connect with other users on Instagram and attract more followers is by sending direct messages.

Sending direct messages can be time consuming, though. And with such a hectic schedule, trying to fit in the time to send out direct messages on Instagram can be virtually impossible. Fortunately, a service exists that can send out your messages for you:

To send private messages via Instagram with HashTagPirate, simply follow the guide here.

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How to Reset a Forgotten Instagram Password

If you’ve forgotten your Instagram password, resetting it is simple.

You can reset your password by using one of the following:

  • Your email address
  • Your Facebook account
  • Your phone number

If these methods don’t work, simply open up the Instagram app. Once on the login screen, select the “get help signing in” option, which is located right under the “log in” option. Once there, do the following:

  • For Android users, select “use username, email, send an SMS message, or log in with Facebook” then input the information requested.
  • For iOS users, select “username” or “phone”. Input your email, username, or phone number, then select “send login link”.